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Market research estimates indicate that the global dairy industry is poised to touch USD 371 billion by the end of 2014. This would mark a 24% rise over a period of five years.


The dairy industry is highly fragmented with multiple players vying for a share of the market. The three leading players in this industry constitute just 11% of the global dairy market. At 37% of global market value, the European Union represents the most dominant market in this sector. Among the major market players, Danone leads with a 5% share of the dairy market. 


While the dairy industry features a variety of products, the largest chunk is represented by milk at 35% given that it is among the most widely consumed food products the world over. Milk is considered high in nutritional value, and hence it is widely consumed by children, adults and aged. 


Eggs are also considered to be a part of the dairy industry, and the demand for eggs has grown over the past decade. As land under cultivation shrinks with rural dwellers migrating to urban areas, there is a higher demand for farm produce such as milk and eggs.


The global dairy industry is characterized by fierce competition and a fragmented market share. Market players can only survive by pricing their products competitively and cutting costs to improve their profitability. With the number of retailers worldwide stabilizing currently, the level of competition has become even fiercer in the global dairy industry. 


However, on the other hand, the demand for dairy products has been on an upswing with higher disposable incomes in the emerging economies of the world. Diet patters are undergoing a change and there is a ripe demand for products such as low-fat yogurt, skimmed milk, free range eggs, whole milk powder and so on. However, price volatility is something that the industry is still struggling to deal with. 


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