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Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: US 2016

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Published Date : Apr 2017

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Cards & Payments

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Consumer Payments Country Snapshot: US 2016


In almost all areas of the payments market, the US is highly competitive and features a wide range of card-issuing brands and alternative payment brands. Consumers have a great deal of choice as a result, although this diversity has also led to a fragmented market in which alternative payment tools have struggled to gain market share over traditional options, and the one truly generalist tool available - cash - remains highly popular.

This report examines the consumer payments market in the US, considering payment cards, online payments, P2P payments, and newer payment technologies such as mobile wallets and contactless. This report also examines the regulations in force in the market that players must comply with, and how these have changed in recent years.

- Analyzes consumer attitudes to financial services by lifestage.
- Analyzes the major payment card types in terms of both card holding and usage.
- Identifies the major competitors in card issuing and how their position in the market has changed over the last five years.
- Considers consumer attitudes towards prepaid cards, P2P tools, mobile payment tools, and contactless cards, and how companies in the US are deploying these tools to meet customer needs.
- Explores the online payment market in the US by merchant type and payment tool, as well as providing a five-year forecast for the development of the market.
- Considers the regulations affecting the payments market and how they are likely to affect both incumbents and disruptors.


- American credit card debt has been growing since 2012, albeit not yet to pre-2008 levels. Due to slow growth in wages as well as the Federal Reserve raising interest rates, American consumers are increasingly burdened with debt.
- The US is one of the largest and most well-developed online commerce markets in the world, with consumers spending a total of $562bn online in 2015. The market is expected to record robust growth from 2015 to 2020, with mobile commerce expected to account for 20.8% of all online spending in 2020.
- American consumers are still highly reliant on cash at the point of sale, due to its universal applicability in the market. Smaller merchants in particular see payment card acceptance as expensive, while other merchants only accept a sub-set of the available card schemes.

Reasons to buy

- Understand the key facts and figures in the consumer payments market in the US.
- Learn what trends drive consumer behavior at the macro level.
- Find out what products the major competitors are launching in the market.
- Discover consumer sentiments towards various payment tools in the US market and use this knowledge to inform product design.
- Learn about the key regulatory requirements affecting payments players in the US and any recent or upcoming changes to those requirements.
Table of Contents
Proximity Payments
Remote Payments
Payments Infrastructure & Regulation

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