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Various market research reports project that the global market for confectioneries and sweets will exceed USD 186 billion by 2015. The market will be characterized by consumers’ demand for new and exotic flavors as well as a growing inclination towards consuming sugar-free confectionery products.


With their excessive varieties, confectioneries are increasingly making their presence felt in niche markets. For instance, where conventional energy bars were once popular, consumers demand is inclining towards fortified chocolate bars. Similarly, fortified chewing gum is likely to become more popular than the traditional chewing gum products.


While value and economy are the deciding factors behind certain purchase decisions, luxury and premium tastes dictate other consumers. What are the dynamics of each segment? Which markets provide a fertile ground for confectionery manufacturers and marketers to make inroads into? ResearchMoz.us features thousands of market research reports that answer your questions.


Consumers’ growing concern about high sugar levels and diseases related to the excessive consumption of sugar are factors that are anticipated to dominate buying behavior. 


Packaging plays an important role in the confectionery industry and several trends are emerging on this front as well. For instance, as consumers find themselves faced with less time for cooking activities, they prefer confectioneries that add value to their diets. As more and more people prefer to consume smaller portions, packaging needs to keep pace with these changes by making bite-sized products available.


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