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Competitor Analysis: Cancer Vaccines

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La Merie Publishing

Published Date : Mar 2014

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No. of Pages : 179 Pages

The present Competitive Intelligence report about Cancer Vaccines provides a competitor evaluation in the field of novel prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines to fight cancer as of March 2014. Purchase of the downloadable pdf report includes a 6-month online access to the data of the report and any updates since the publication date. Credentials to access the database will be sent by e-mail and allow online work with the project data to print or export an individual report.

Projects are listed according to their main antigenic constituents: peptides, recombinant proteins, idiotype antibody, DNA (plasmid, expression vector), RNA, virus-like particles (VLP), dendritic cells, tumor cells (tumor cell lines), microorganism-based and others.

Of the 140 clinical stage cancer vaccines, three were approved and are commercialized in the major pharmaceutical markets with combined 2013 sales of US$ 2,385 mln. Peptides and proteins make out 43% of clinical stage cancer vaccines, followed by dendritic cell and tumor cell (line)-based cancer vaccines with each contributing 15% to the clinical cancer vaccine pipeline. DNA- and RNA-based cancer vaccines maked out 17% of the clinical portfolio.

The report includes a compilation of currently active projects in research and development for prophylaxis and therapy of cancer. In addition, the report lists company-specific R&D pipelines of cancer vaccines. Competitor projects are listed in a tabular format providing information on:

  • Drug Codes,
  • Target / Mechanism of Action, 
  • Class of Compound, 
  • Company, 
  • Product Category, 
  • Indication, 
  • R&D Stage and 
  • additional comments with a hyperlink leading to the source of information
Table of Contents

1.Cancer Vaccines by Main Composition

Peptide-based Cancer Vaccines
Protein-based Cancer Vaccines
Idiotype Antibody-based Cancer Vaccines
DNA-based Cancer Vaccines: naked and virally vectored
RNA-based Cancer Vaccines
Virus-Like Particle (VLP)-based Cancer Vaccines
Dendritic Cell-based Cancer Vaccines
Tumor Cell and Tumor Cell Line – based Cancer Vaccines
Microorganism-based Cancer Vaccines
Other and Not Defined Cancer Vaccines

2.Corporate Cancer Vaccines R&D Pipelines

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