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Johnson & Johnson

  • Founded: January 1886, James Wood Johnson, Robert Wood Johnson I, Edward Mead Johnson

  • Industry: New Brunswick, New Jersey, United States

  • Headquarters: Hospitals and Health Care

About the Company

Johnson & Johnson is the largest and most broadly-based healthcare company in the world. We’re producing life-changing breakthroughs every day, and have been for the last 130 years.

The combination of new technologies and your expertise enables amazing things to happen. Teams from J&J’s consumer business are creating digital tools to help people track the health of their skin. Those working in medical devices are 3-D printing artificial joints personalized for each patient, while researchers in pharmaceuticals use AI to discover lifesaving drugs. Imagine what the rest of our team of 134,000 people at 260 companies in more than 60 countries across the world is accomplishing. We redefine what it means to be a big company in today’s world.


  • Health Care
  • Medical Devices & Diagnostics
  • Pharmaceuticals, and Consumer

Contact Details

Main Office:

One Johnson & Johnson Plaza

New Brunswick, New Jersey 08933




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