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Clothing and footwear retail market in Central Europe 2011

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Published Date : Sep 2011

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No. of Pages : 181 Pages

Clothing and footwear retail market in Central Europe 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2013 gives readers an insightful and comprehensive look into the strengths, value, size and future prospects of all segments of clothing and footwear retail sales in the countries of Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic Romania and Slovakia. The markets current levels of saturation offer opportunity independent of economic conditions, and this report helps businesses to locate the most promising possibilities.

This popular PMR publication analyses all five Central European countries in terms of their demographic and macroeconomic situation, and dissects the clothing and footwear markets to closely examine their size, value, customer base and prevailing trends. The document includes profiles of the most popular clothing and footwear retail chains in each country and throughout the region, including, profitability and strategic plans going forward. 

It contains updates on the main distribution channels for retail clothing and footwear in Central Europe, and provides deep analysis and forecasts on how these channels and outlets will change and develop in future. The outlook for new shopping centres is included, along with the latest information about top selling product segments. The reports focus on growth highlights the opportunities and points out the roadblocks to success in the marketplace that exist in each particular country as well as on a regional basis. 

Clothing and footwear retail market in Central Europe 2011, Development forecasts for 2011-2013 is an indispensable business intelligence tool for those who need a single, reliable source of data and analysis to use as a basis for market and opportunity assessment and formulation of expansion or investment strategies. It is particularly well suited to decision makers currently at work in clothing and footwear retail businesses in the region, as well as those considering entering the market, expanding operations or producing or importing C&F goods.
Methodology p. 9

II. Executive Summary p. 15

III. Key macroeconomic and demographic indicators for Central Europe p. 19
Macroeconomic overview p. 19
Demographics p. 26

IV. Clothing and footwear market in Central Europe p. 31

V. Size of the clothing and footwear market p. 45

VI. Clothing and footwear retail market in Hungary p. 67

VII. Clothing and footwear market in Poland p. 83

VIII. Clothing and footwear retail market in Romania p. 111

IX. Clothing and footwear retail market in Slovakia p. 135

X. Profiles of selected regional clothing and footwear retailers p. 155
Clothing retailers p. 155

Footwear retailers p. 167

XI. List of graphs p. 173

XII. List of tables p. 177

XIII. About PMR p. 179

XIV. Contact PMR p. 180

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