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Before new drugs or treatments can hit the market, they have to undergo extensive clinical trials to prove their efficacy. Clinical trials, following strict scientific standards, are essentially studies to understand which medical approaches work best for certain illnesses or groups of people. They constitute the final stages of a long and involved research process. The three stages in the clinical trial are phase I, phase II, and phase III, with the last two being considered prime stages.

With a growing world population and an alarming rise in different diseases, the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries are hard pressed to find solutions and this has upped demand for clinical trials. To reduce the cost and logistics burden sagacious companies are increasingly outsourcing clinical trials of newly developed drugs to different contract research organizations. Emerging economies of Asia Pacific have become popular destinations for such outsourcing on account of the cost benefits they accord and also the relatively relaxed rules and regulations. So far, Canada and the U.S. have carried out maximum number of clinical trials globally.