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Clean Labeling in Ice Cream

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Published Date : Jun 2015

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Ice Cream

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Canadean Consumer provides an in-depth analysis of the clean labeling trend within ice cream for those seeking to understand and act upon this movement. Three facets of clean labeling are explored: the number of ingredients, the type of ingredients, and the product packaging.

Use Canadean Consumer's insightful analysis to inspire innovation in natural and clean ice cream products.

Learn how the clean labeling trend has moved beyond a niche trend, to affect mainstream producers too.

Understand the three-pronged approach to clean labeling, and how this relates to ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato and frozen desserts.

Access five insight-led take-outs to be used as future routes for success.

How do I keep up and innovate ahead of the booming clean label ice cream sector?

What are the key components of a clean ice cream brand that I need to know about?

How can I meet this rising consumer demand, and still stay true to my brand's ethos?

Key Highlights
Clean labeling relates to products that focus on the use of short lists of recognizable, often natural, ingredients and move away from artificial additions, over-processing, and complex ingredient names. It also relates to the external appearance of the product, with simplistic designs and clear packaging being favored.

Without a precise definition "natural" appeals to consumers' need to understand what is going into the products they are consuming, while offering a more healthful halo. The type of ingredient is therefore very important for clean ice cream, with a focus on wholesome, less-processed options.

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