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Cigars and Cigarillos USA

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Published Date : Aug 2013

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Tobacco Products

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Cigars and Cigarillos USA offers the very latest sector-by-sector analysis, providing an objective evaluation of the marketplace, including analysis of industry structure, product innovation, market and brand shares, taxation and legislation and forecasts to 2021. Comprehensive analytical interpretation of survey results highlights key issues and emergent trends currently shaping market developments.

The US market for cigars and cigarillos is the largest in the world with 2012 sales of 13.8 billion pieces. It has also been buoyant, with constant and sometimes substantial annual growth in sales since the mid 1990s. In April 2009 the tax advantage of small cigars was removed and the leading manufacturers converted their portfolios to larger cigars. The result was a complete change in the structure of the market and in manufacturer rankings. Swisher leads the market overall with over two-thirds of the small cigar segment (up from 32% in 2009) and 18.4% of cigarillos and large cigars (down from 28.4%). Its main competitor is Cheyenne, now absent from small cigars, but with just short of a fifth of cigarillo/large cigars now leads this sector.
Market Size and Structure
The Market in Context
Tobacco Products Market, 1997-2013
Market Size and Trends
Consumption of Cigars and Cigarillos, 1990-2013
Market Structure
Cigars and Cigarillos: Market Segmentation, 1990-2013
Total and Per Capita Consumption of Small Cigars, 1990-2013
Total and Per Capita Consumption of Cigarillos and Large Cigars, 1990-2013
Total and Per Capita Consumption of Cigarillos, 1990-2009
Premium Cigars: Sales Trends, 2000-2012
Retail Sales
Cigars and Cigarillos: Retail Value, 1990-2008
Retail Distribution
Manufacturers and Brands
Cigarillos and Cigars: Manufacturer Shares by Sector, 2009-2012
Cigarillos and Cigars: Manufacturer Shares, 2000-2012
Cigarillos and Large Cigars: Manufacturer Shares, 2000-2012
Cigarillos and Large Cigars: Brand Shares, 2000-2012
Small Cigars: Manufacturer Shares, 2000-2012
Small Cigars: Brand Shares, 2000-2012
Leading Small Cigar Brands, 2012
Machine-Made Cigars: Manufacturer Shares, 2005-2012
Leading USA Machine-Made Cigar Brands, 2012
Taxation and Retail Prices
Federal Excise Tax Rates: Small Cigars, 1990-2013
Federal Excise Tax Rates: Large Cigars, 1990-2013
State Tax Rates on Cigars, 2013
Retail Prices
Average Retail Price by Type of Cigar, 1990-2009
Price Development of Large Cigars and Cigarillos, 1987-2008
Premium Cigars: Selected Brands Price Trends, 1979-2009
Cigars and Cigarillos: Selected Retail Prices, 2010-2013
The Smoking Population
Cigar Smoking Population, 1999-2012
Cigar Smoking by Age and Ethnic Group, 2004-2011
Cigar Smoking Among 18-25 Year Olds, 2004-2011
Operating Constraints
Tobacco Product Standards
New Tobacco Products
Modified Risk Tobacco Products
Adulterated and Misbranded Tobacco Products
Tobacco Product Marketing
Labelling and Advertising
Ingredient Disclosures
Other Constraints
The Master Settlement Agreement
Localised Constraints
Cigar Control
Company Profiles
Swisher International Inc
Cheyenne International LLC
Commonwealth-Altadis USA
Commmonweath-Altadis: USA Cigar Sales, Volume and Value, 2002-2011
John Middleton
Swedish Match North America/Scandinavian Tobacco Group (STG)
Swedish Match
Production and Trade
Production of Cigars and Cigarillos, 1990-2012
Production by Type, 1990-2012
Imports of Cigars and Cigarillos, 1990-2012
Cigars and Cigarillos: Import Penetration, 1990-2012
Cigar Imports by Category, 2000-2012
Imports by Country of Origin (Volume), 2002-2012
Imports by Country of Origin (Value), 2000-2012
Premium Cigar Imports by Country of Origin (Volume), 2000-2012
Exports of Cigars and Cigarillos, 1990-2012
Cigars and Cigarillos: Export Orientation, 1990-2012
Exports by Country of Destination (Volume), 2000-2012
Exports by Country of Destination (Value), 2000-2012
Prospects and Forecasts
Market Forecasts, 2012-2022

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