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Want to seize the next big trend in the cider industry? Keen on learning about which brews bring lucrative business in specific geographies? Which age group is likely to bring in the highest revenue for the cider and perry industry? Questions such as these can be answered with the help of in-depth market research reports pertaining to the cider industry.


According to data released by Global Industry Analysts, the cider market is likely to surpass a value of $2.5 billion internationally by 2015. It is projected that a significant share of the growth in this industry will be driven by the increasing popularity of low-alcohol content drinks. The rising disposable incomes will be push up the demand for cider not just in the U.K. (which is the world’s largest cider market), but also in other countries.


Cider, a fermented beverage, contains alcohol and is usually made from apple juice. Other types of cider are made using juice obtained from peaches and pears, among other fruits. It is widely consumed in the U.S., Canada, U.K., and Germany. However, this alcoholic beverage is also becoming increasingly popular outside of its conventional markets. There has been a growing demand for different types of cider in the Asian and Australian markets as well.


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