Chocolate Confectionery - Brazil - February 2017

Chocolate Confectionery - Brazil - February 2017

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  • March 2017
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Report Description

Declining volume sales in chocolate confectionery show the continuing need for brands to use innovation to encourage consumers back into eating. Messages should focus on trying new products, flavors, and formats. They could have the “treat” factor attached to them, as many people eat chocolate to treat themselves. Keeping prices low should also be a priority for brands, as the current economic scenario is not favoring the category.

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Table of Content


What you need to know
Products covered in this Report

Executive Summary
The market
Figure 1: Forecast of Brazil retail sales of chocolate confectionery, by value, 2011-21
Market drivers
Nestlé says it has developed a “new sugar”
Aging population presents challenges and opportunities
Tax increase
The economy is still unstable
Companies and brands
Figure 2: Value shares in the chocolate confectionery retail market, 2014-15
The consumer
Chocolate is eaten by 91% of respondents
Figure 3: Usage of chocolate, November 2016
Chocolate is a permissible treat
Figure 4: Reasons for buying chocolate confectionery, November 2016
Low price is a major purchase driver in the category
Figure 5: Influencing factors when buying chocolate, November 2016
Brand loyalty is strong in the category
Figure 6: Attitudes towards eating chocolate, November 2016
Consumers are willing to pay more for chocolate from specialist stores
Figure 7: Interest in innovations, November 2016
What we think

Issues and Insights
Addressing health concerns with portion control and innovation
The facts
The implications
Figure 8: Low/no/reduced sugar chocolate products, Brazil

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