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Chinese Solar PV Industry\'s

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Oct 2012

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The cost advantages have not only established Chinese vendors\' leadership in the worldwide solar PV (Photovoltaic) industry, but also caused European, US, and Japanese vendors\' withdrawal from the market or bankruptcy in the business. Although the Taiwanese crystalline silicon photovoltaic industry is able to compare with its Chinese counterpart in quality and price, a considerablegap exists betweenthese two countries in terms of the cost. The total cost difference between them ranges up to US$0.43 - 0.63/W. This report examines the industrial environment and vendors\' strategies and outlines how the \"Shanzhai\" business model - a business model based on counterfeiting others\' design concepts - operates in the industry.
Table of Contents

1. Chinese PV Vendors Achieve Industry-leading Cost Competitiveness

2. Development Background of Chinese PV Industry\'s \"Shanzhai\" Business Model
2.1 Development of Worldwide PV Vendors in 2012
2.1.1 Fast Circulation of Technologies and Knowledge
2.2 Development of Chinese PV Vendors in 2012

3. Chinese Photovoltaic Vendors\' Development Strategies in 2012
3.1 Marketing Strategies
3.1.1 Product Strategies
3.1.2 Price Strategies
3.1.3 Distribution Channel Strategies
3.2 Production Strategies
3.2.1 Manufacturing Strategies
3.2.2 Equipment Purchasing and Depreciation Strategies
3.3 Purchasing Strategies
3.3.1 Consumable Materials Purchasing
3.4 R&D Strategies
3.4.1 Product Innovations
3.4.2 Process Innovations
3.5 Financial Strategies
3.5.1 Fund-raising Strategies
3.5.2 Investments in Plants

MIC Perspectives


List of Chart

Figure 1 Cash Cost Comparison between Taiwanese and Chinese PV Vendors in 2012

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