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Child safety equipment and gadgets are used to minimize the chances of a child getting into harm’s way. As no home is completely hazard proof and adult attention at all times is not practically possible, baby safety equipment are helpful to protect even the most curious babies and children.

Child safety equipment is selected based on the specific need in the living space and considering the child’s nature as well. While child safety needs differ from family to family, some of the basic safety devices that every home should be equipped with are smoke detectors, safety gates, electrical outlet covers, and childproof latches for drawers, doors, and cupboards.

Child car seat is an important accessory for child safety which protects a child at the time of severe front and side crashes when installed correctly. This requires the car seat to be tightly secure with no more than 1 inch of movement from front to back or from side to side when held at the bottom near the attachment points.