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Ceramics are categorized as inorganic, non-metallic solids that are essential for everyday life. Composed either of metallic or non-metallic compounds, the art of ceramics making involves heating and subsequent cooling. Ceramics are used across a host of end-use industries such as electrical and electronics, medical environmental, defense and security, transportation, environmental, chemical, and others.

Innovations in ceramics is very much alive, which is showcased at the annual Ceramics Expo organized in the U.S every year. The event provides opportunities for attendees to discover and explore raw material sources, processing equipment, and finished components and also learn about advances in trends and technology for ceramics making.

While traditional ceramics are clay-based, the development of high-performance ceramics made from inorganic non-metals is underway. Advanced ceramics display properties of high strength, high durability, high hardness, and high toughness. Technical ceramics are particularly significant and are used for their high-performance across a host of manufacturing industries.