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The Cement industry is central to the sustenance of the global infrastructure industry. Cement, concrete, and asphalt are the most extensively used materials in the building and construction sector – and form the foundational constituent of structures ranging from roads to bridges to dams to buildings. They are essential binder substances that, once set and hardened, join various other construction materials into a lasting bond.


The cement industry has several unique characteristics; it consumes a significant amount of energy and is capital intensive. In recent years, this industry has come under the scanner of regulatory bodies as it is regarded as being a polluting industry. Having come under stringent regulations in developed economies (Europe and North America) several players in the Cement and Concrete industry have initiated the process of shifting operations to developing economies where environmental regulations are comparatively relaxed. At the same time, this has created a demand for machines, systems, and equipment that can mitigate the airborne pollution caused by this industry. 


China has emerged as the largest producer and consumer of cement, and accounts for well over 50% of the global demand for the material. 

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