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Carrier digital communications: Agility in innovative use cases will maximize service provider opportunities

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Pyramid Research

Published Date : Feb 2016

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Over the top (OTT) messaging leaders are rapidly evolving their key mobile messaging application interfaces to new voice and video communications, with revenue dilution implications for carriers worldwide. The progress made in mobile IP voice and video this year alone from key OTT players such as Facebook and Google is a clear indication of heightened mobile communications competitive pressure from these new players in 2016 and beyond. Operator have picked up the pace with the deployment of new digital communications technologies such as VoLTE ,Wi-Fi Calling and WebRTC.

Table of Contents

Executive Summary 

Section 1: The carrier digital communications imperative 
Mobile messaging
Mobile voice
Mobile video
Section 2: Digital communications technology trends 
Wi-Fi calling
Section 3: Digital communications carrier deployments and case studies
RCS deployments to date and next steps
Case study: SK Telecom joyn.T
Case study: T-Mobile US Advanced Messaging
Wi-Fi calling deployments to date and next steps
Case study: EE Wi-Fi Calling
Case study: Cablevision Freewheel
WebRTC use cases
Case study: AT&T Enhanced WebRTC API
Case study: Telefonica’s TokBox Leverage
Mesh networking deployments to date
Section 4: What’s next for digital communications? 
Competitive digital communications solutions
Digital communications opportunities for carriers
Section 5: Key findings & recommendations 
Key finding

Acronyms and definitions
Companies mentioned
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List of Table


List of Chart

Exhibit 1: Average monthly SMS decline 2015,2020 
Exhibit 2: Voice ARPS 2020 
Exhibit 3: OTT demonstrates rapid progress in 2015 
Exhibit 4: Leading OTT app video calling
Exhibit 5: Carrier voice evolution to VoLTE 
Exhibit 6: 5G use cases and technology requirements to support them 
Exhibit 7: Integrating webRTC clients with carrier IP networks 
Exhibit 8: Rich communications service market status 
Exhibit 9: Original Joyn.T Marketing Literature 
Exhibit 10: T-Mobile Us Advanced Messaging Launch Features
Exhibit 11: Key Carrier Wi-Fi Calling Deployments To Date, Features 
Exhibit 12: EE Wi-Fi Calling Key Marketing Campaign 
Exhibit 13: Cablevision Freewheel Campaign 
Exhibit 14: Key carrier WEBRTC innovation projects to date; appear in and AT&T enhanced WEBRTC API 
Exhibit 15: AT&T SDK App Architecture, Pricing 
Exhibit 16: Tokbox Pricing
Exhibit 17: Open garden’s network vision 
Exhibit 18: Carriers Rethink Communications

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