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Canadian Metal Mining Profile Series

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Cheminfo Services Inc

Published Date : Jun 2015

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No. of Pages : 198 Pages

Profiles of the majority of the major metals that are mined in Canada are included in this series. A total of 18 seperate profiles have been developed. Profiles range in length from 5-15 pages and on average are 10 pages in length. Each of the profiles is structured similarly, covering such topics as: (i) profile of the actual mines/metallurgical complexes in Canada for the metal; (ii) identification of national, provincial/territorial and facility-specific production levels (where available); (iii) comparison of Canadian and global production of the metal and Canada's percentage of global production; (iv) global reserves of the metal and the percentage that Canada represents of those reserves; (v) potential future developments in Canada in terms of new mines for the metal being planned/proposed; (vi) Canadian international trade in the metal; (vii) employment in the industry in Canada, both nationally and by mine/metallurgical complex (where available); (vii) industry associations representing the industry domestically and internationally; and (ix) end-use applications for the metal.

1. Antimony. 

2. Bismuth. 

3. Cadmium. 

4. Cesium, Tantalum and Lithium. 

5. Cobalt. 

6. Copper. 

7. Gold. 

8. Indium. 

9. Iron Ore. 

10. Lead. 

11. Magnesite and Magnesium Oxide. 

12. Molybdenum. 

13. Nickel. 

14. Niobium. 

15. Platinum Group Metals. 

16. Tungsten. 

17. Uranium. 

18. Zinc.

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