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Published Date : Sep 2017

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This report analyses new approaches to TV and video distribution. It begins by setting out the changes being ushered in by the growing use of streaming, initially for on-demand video services, and now more and more for linear programming as well. Two other, intertwined disruptions are also explored, namely the growing use of mobile devices for watching video, and social media sites’ ever increasing role in video consumption.

The report then goes on to explore the solutions being designed to meet the demands of this changing environment:

  • Optimise online video traffic, including a cost breakdown for CDN solutions according to the different possible configurations;
  • Leveraging the complementary features of broadcast and broadband networks;
  • Enabling broadcasting networks’ migration to IP, given the growing use of OTT solutions on fixed networks, and adapting radio broadcasting systems to the Internet protocol.
  • Lastly, the report looks at the impact of these changes on both telcos and media companies. And it concludes with an analysis of their evolving distribution strategies.

Table of Content

1. Executive Summary

2. Methodology

3. Growing prominence of streaming video

4. Optimising online video distribution

5. New hybrid services: playing to each network’s strength

6. Boosting the transition to IP

7. Smart or dumb pipes for telcos and cable companies?

8. A new economic equation for media companies

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