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The growing demand for public water infrastructure and growing health consciousness and hygiene awareness are behind the high demand for bottled water.  A recent trend seen in the market is the development of bottled water with new flavors. These new flavored bottled water not only have better taste, but also have functional and health benefits, and are thus, preferred by consumers.

The market for bottled water is expected to grow owing to an increase in the disposable income of consumers and the preference for bottled water over aerated drinks. Another factor encouraging the growth of the market is the thriving PET bottles industry, resulting in a widespread supply of bottled water via grocery stores, club stores, and super markets. 

Of the varieties available in the market in bottled water such as still, flavored, carbonated, and functional bottled water, the still bottled water segment is expected to continue to lead. The growing health conscious population base and a high number of diabetic patients are showing more inclination towards still bottled water as it contains no artificial sweeteners and ingredients.