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Biomarker often takes a biochemical form and is used to measure a biological state. It is used to identify the progress of a disease or condition in a body system.


Typically, biomarkers are implemented in various fields like astronomy, geology, and chemistry for learning about the universe, dating rocks, and understanding the chemical reactions, however, the significance of this term is mostly seen in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals. It is used to refer to substances that are studied in a sample or patient as a tool for diagnosis.  


Before diagnosis, markers are used to determine the risk and screening assessment, but at the time of diagnosis, biomarkers determine and validate the grading, staging, and selection of initial therapy. In the process of the treatment biomarkers come very handy to monitor the therapy, various recurrent diseases, and additional therapy required in patient diagnosis. 


Today, biomarkers have gained extreme clinical and scientific value and interest in the practice of medicine. Medical scientists and researchers use biomarkers as benchmarks to measure pathological and healthy processes in a human body. Biomarkers are considered as potential tools of diagnosis in the spectrum of the disease determination process. The measurable parameter that encompasses the detection capabilities of a marker includes measure of receptor molecules in the tissue or blood, measuring blood pressure, carbohydrates, and/or enzymes. A wide range of these markers exists at least in one biological system, for instance, the cardiovascular system, the immune system, or the metabolic system.  


In medical practice, the deployment of biomarkers is increasingly witnessed in empirical studies of understanding psychological processes to the study of human population along with the age and other onset processes during the aging process. 


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