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Natural energy resources are depleting, and consequently the demand for renewable energy is escalating. Additionally, growing environmental concerns are prompting consumers to opt for renewable energy such as biofuels, which can be derived from plants, agriculture, commercial, and industrial wastes, and algae.

ResearchMoz notes that biofuels can be used for various purposes such as electricity generation by the automotive industry, the chemical industry, the transportation sector, and household usages. Based on this diverse application and process of generation, ResearchMoz has global as well as segmented reports on biofuels, with each focusing on estimating the future scenario in order to act as a credible business document for its targeted audiences. Besides presenting an insightful analysis of all market influential factors and estimating their individual impact, each report also contains a featured section on profiles of leading companies operating in those market, evaluating their market shares and highlighting the opportunities available for new entrants.