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Bi-Annual Downstream Deals Review - H1 2018

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Published Date : Aug 2018

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Bi-Annual Downstream Deals Review - H1 2018


GlobalData's "Bi-Annual Downstream Deals Review - H1 2018", report is an essential source of data and trend analysis on M&A (mergers, acquisitions, and asset transactions) and financings (equity/debt offerings and PE/VC), in the downstream oil and gas industry. The report provides detailed comparative semi-annual data, on the number of deals and their value, sub-divided into deal types by geographies. Data presented in this report is derived from GlobalDatas proprietary in-house Oil and Gas eTrack deals database and primary and secondary research.


- Analyze market trends for the downstream oil and gas industry in the global arena
- Review of deal trends in the market
- Analysis of M&As in the downstream oil and gas industry
- Analysis of Equity/Debt Offerings, Private Equity, and Venture Financing in the downstream oil and gas industry
- Information on the top deals that took place in the industry
- Geographies covered include - North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South & Central America, and Middle East & Africa.

Reasons to buy

- Enhance your decision making capability in a more rapid and time sensitive manner
- Find out the major deal performing segments for investments in your industry
- Evaluate type of companies divesting / acquiring in the market
- Evaluate ways to raise capital in the market, and identify major financial and legal advisors
- Do deals with an understanding of how competitors are financed
- Identify growth segments and opportunities in each region within the industry.
1 Table of Contents
1 Table of Contents 1
1.1. List of Figures 1
2. Sector Highlights 2
3. M&A Values Soar in the Downstream Industry 3
4. New Investments Decreased 29% in H1 2018 5
5. Appendix 7
5.1. Abbreviations 7
5.2. Methodology 7
5.3. Coverage 7
5.4. Secondary Research 7
5.5. Contact Us 8
5.6. Disclaimer 8

1.1 List of Figures
Figure 1: Downstream M&A Deal Value and Count 3
Figure 2: Downstream Oil and Gas Regional M&A Deal Share and Value, H1 2018 3
Figure 3: Downstream Capital Raising Deal Value and Count 5

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