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The beverage industry is characterized by fragmentation. It features hundreds of different varieties of products that can broadly be classified under categories such as: fruit and vegetable juices, milk shakes and health drinks, energy drinks, bottled water, tea and coffee (both instant and regular), beverage powders, syrups, sports drinks, still and sparkling drinks, as well as alcoholic beverages and spirits.


It is expected that the world beverage industry will witness a growth rate not exceeding 2% up to 2015, according to market research agency MarketLine. Growth pockets continue to shift towards developing markets and it is thus evident that more market players will seek to expand their business footprints in these regions. 


The beverage industry could witness a higher expansion rate in the coming years owing to improved operational efficiency. All the same, these market players are constantly looking for beverage manufacturing processes that are faster and cost effective.


Within the beverage industry, individual products are often impacted by shifting consumption patterns. There was, for instance, a slump in the coffee industry as the global economy took a hit in 2008, but it has now been showing signs of recovery. Similarly, the tea industry needs to gear itself for the rising demand for organic tea and green tea products. The fruit and vegetable juice segment is comprised of a number of international, national and local players that have made this market highly fragmented. 


Health drinks are gaining immense popularity as consumers look to cut down on sugar consumption and improve the intake of fresh and healthy ingredients. 


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