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The global market for bakery products comprises several segments and is considered to be highly fragmented—with both indigenous and international players operating in large numbers. It is estimated that the world market for baked products will surpass USD 310 million by 2015. 


Factors such as changing diet habits and lifestyles and a growing demand for snacks and convenience foods have been driving the growth of the Bakery Products industry. Interestingly, these trends are not limited to the developed countries. The emergence of the working class in developing nations such as India, China, Russia and Brazil have has pushed up the demand for food products such as sandwiches, cookies, croissants, and such. 


Despite the growing dependence of consumers on baked products, the Bakery Products industry has been facing dissension in view of the rising levels of obesity in a number of countries worldwide. This has naturally pushed major players in the industry to formulate products that contain low-fat and healthier ingredients. These healthy reformulations have opened up new business avenues for several enterprises within the Bakery Products industry. There is a demand for healthy alternatives to conventionally used ingredients in the baked foods industry.


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