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Baidu Conversational AI System: Patent Deployment Trends and Strategies (Pre-order)

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Mar 2019

Category :

Consumer Electronics

No. of Pages : 19 Pages

Baidu has been actively investing in AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology and application development in recent years to help the company get one step closer to its goal of "All in AI". In 2017, DuerOS, Baidu's conversational operating system, was launched to provide voice recognition and conversational solutions for IoT (Internet of Things) applications. Through cooperation with Qualcomm, NVidia, and Intel, Baidu strives to promote widespread adoption of DuerOS in smart devices such as smartphones, networked devices, and autonomous cars. Users now can count on the interface and natural language processing to generate dialogues and enjoy more intuitive and human-computer interactions in 10 general categories of use cases, including entertainment, information inquiry, chat and leisure, O2O (Online to Offline), smart home, travel/transportation, utility tools, phone instructions, personal assistant and education. This report provides an overview of Baidu's DuerOS conversational AI system and all relevant patents filed to and granted by CNIPA (China National Intellectual Property Administration), the former SIPO (State Intellectual Property Office); addresses the patent trends and strategies of Baidu by examining the company's patent distribution by field and technology.

Table of Contents

1. Background 

2. Patent Deployment 

2.1 Patent Mining 
2.2 Patent Analysis 
2.2.1 Baidu Conservational AI System Patent Grants by Field 
2.2.2 Baidu Conversational AI System Patent Grants by Technology 
2.2.3 Baidu Conversational AI System Patent Claims by Field 
2.2.4 Baidu Conversational AI System Patent Claims by Technology 

3. MIC Perspectives 


Glossary of Terms 
List of Companies 

List of Table

Table 1 Baidu Conversational AI System Patent Grants by Field (2013 – April, 2018) 
Table 2 Baidu Conversational AI System Patent Grants by Technology (2013 – April 2018) 
Table 3 Baidu Conversational AI Patent Claims by Field (2013-April 2018) 
Table 4 Baidu Conversational AI Patent Claims by Technology (2013 – April 2018) 

List of Chart

Figure 1 Baidu Products Equipped with AI Conversational System

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