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Defense avionics is seeing increased uptake on the back of installation of synthetic vision systems (SVS), which help in overcoming problems related to outside visibility in military aircrafts. A SVS is a much more evolved version of similar other systems developed in the past. The other popular applications in the field of defense avionics are flight control systems, monitoring systems, and communication and navigation systems.

Military aircrafts are leveraging latest technologies to improve efficiency of the different applications. For example, automatic flight control systems (AFCSs) are embedded with sensors that keep a tab on engine controls, total load, and flight speed, airspeed, altitude, and navigational information.

A recent noticeable trend in avionics is the emergence of green avionics which is eco-efficient because of lead-free products for coating and soldering of the electronic components in an aircraft. However, their high cost of production could pose a roadblock to their swift uptake.