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Automotive manufacturing is considered one of the most dynamic industries globally. It is also crowned as the technological trend setter among manufacturing industries. This is because it is constantly evolving to create more cutting edge products. Some of the most well-entrenched companies of the likes of Toyota, Ford, Nissan, Tesla, BMW, etc. operate in the industry.

From manufacturing electric cars, heavy trucks, and buses, companies operating in the industry are making gigantic strides. They are also encompassing modern technologies such as data analytics and cloud to deliver more seamless experience to consumers. Not just in the final products, manufacturers are also leveraging connected technologies to up efficiency of different processes.

The latest buzz in the automotive manufacturing segment are self-driving cars, which are yet to hit the roads and are still being tested. Yet another buzz generating development has been the emergence of electric cars. Companies and governments are busy pulling out all stops to make the latter mainstream on account of their less-polluting nature.