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Auto Ancillary Market in China 2011

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Netscribes (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Published Date : Aug 2011

Category :

Parts & Suppliers

No. of Pages : 31 Pages

The auto ancillary market is growing at an exceptional rate. The original equipment manufactures and auto aftermarket is generating huge demand for the auto ancillary products. Market is expected to witness impressive growth in the next five years.

The report begins with a market overview section which discusses the present and forecasted market size and growth. An analysis of the drivers influencing the industry growth includes rising income levels, rising auto sales, under-penetrated market, cost advantage, opportunity in the auto aftermarket. The key challenges identified include weak research and development issues, safety and reputation, players facing profitability issues.

The report covers the important rules and regulations and initiatives concerning the auto ancillary sector in China. It also discusses the current market trends as players partipating in trade fairs and exhibitions, players making inroads to India, mergers and acquisitions, PE investments, rising competition in spare parts market.

The competition section provides a product portfolio matrix of the players. The section also provides brief profiles of the major players which incorporates their financials and business highlights.

The key takeaways section summarizes the future outlook and the initiatives/strategies adopted by the auto parts manufacturers in the market.
Table of Content

Page 1: Executive Summary

Market Overview
Page 2: Auto Ancillary Market - Overview, Historical and Present Market Size (2005-2010) and Forecasted Market Size (2010-2016)
Page 3: Geographical scenario - Major provinces and cities with manufacturing facilities
Page 4: Foreign Trade Export and Import data with continent-wise exports and imports

Drivers & Challenges
Page 5: Summary
Page 6-10: Drivers
Page: 11-13: Challenges

Page 14: Summary
Page 15-19: Key Trends

Government Rules and Regulations
Page 20: Important Rules Governing the Auto Ancillary Sector

Page 21: Product Portfolio Matrix
Page 22-30: Brief Profiles of Key Players in the Market

Key Takeaways
Page 31: Analysis and Conclusion

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