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Assessment Indias Cloud Computing Market

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Smart Research Insights

Published Date : Oct 2012

Category :

Cloud Computing

No. of Pages : 30 Pages

Internet based cloud computing assists in the sharing of technological resources, software and digital information. The cloud storage services are economical and have back up services as well as recovery systems. In contrast to physical storage, they need nearly zero maintenance.

Though in India this market is currently at its nascent stage, it is expected that by 2017, the market will be worth USD 1 billion. The key driver will be the increasing growth in the digital information space which will generate a noteworthy market opportunity for both cloud computing and storage. Research shows that consumers are now adopting a more trusting attitude towards the cloud services and many of them as well as enterprise users are choosing it.

Why should the report be purchased?

The report ‘Assessment India’s Cloud Computing Market” highlights growth drivers along with initiatives being taken by the major service providers. The current market scenario and future prospects of the technology area has also been examined along with the challenges the sector is facing. The report contains latest verbatim of industry experts.

Research methodology and delivery time

Smart Research Insights has conducted in depth secondary research to arrive at key insights. Data collected from key industry sources has been analyzed impartially to present a clear picture of the industry. All recent developments which impact the sector dynamics have been captured and used to support the research hypothesis.

The report is available as single-site single-user license. The delivery time for the electronic version of the report is 3 business days as each copy undergoes thorough quality check and is updated with the most recent information available

1. India’s cloud computing market
1.1 Overview
1.2 Performance

2. Product Segmentation

3. Industry Analysis
3.1 Ecosystem
3.2 Value Chain
3.3 SWOT

4. Key Drivers & Opportunity Areas

5. Competitive Landscape

6. Challenges Facing the Market

7. Future Outlook

8. Research Methodology

9. About Smart Research Insights

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