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Asia Beverage Packaging Forecasts Regional Summary

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Published Date : Nov 2011

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Beverage Packaging

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Extracted from Canadeans Global Packaging Service, the Asia Beverage Packaging Regional Summary provides beverage consumption data by beverage category, pack type, pack material and individual pack size.

Produced in Excel pivot tables (available for immediate download) and measured in both million litres and million units, the Asia Regional Summary (total volume/aggregate of 9 countries) includes:

Beverage category beer, packaged water, carbonates, juice, nectars, still drinks, squash/syrups, fruit powders, iced/rtd tea, iced/rtd coffee, sports drinks and energy drinks 
Pack size In excess of 180 individual pack sizes from 5cl to 5,000cl 
Pack type 11 types of packaging including bag in box, bottle, can, carton and pouch 
Pack material 12 types including board, glass, metal and PET 
Refillable vs non-refillable (for glass and PET) 
Carbonation indicator 
Serving size - single serve (up to 60cl), multi serve (61cl plus) 
Data horizon - 2000 to 2010 actuals plus 2011 to 2016 forecasts 
Table of Content

Geographical Coverage: 
Total volume (aggregate) of 9 countries (China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam*) * Vietnam soft drinks data only available from 2008 

Excel pivot table 

Data Horizon: 
2000 to 2010 actuals, 2011 to 2016 forecasts 

Consumption volume in million litres and million units 

Beverage categories:

Soft drinks categories (packaged water, carbonates, juice, nectars, still drinks, dilutables (squash/syrups, fruit powders), iced/rtd tea drinks, iced/rtd coffee drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks) 

Packaging Data:
Pack type (bag in box, bottle, can, carton, cup, jar, keg, pouch, sachet, tank, tub, unpackaged) 
Pack material (board, foil, glass, HDPE, LDPE, metal, paper, PET, polycarbonate, polypropylene, polystyrene, PVC, unpackaged) 
Pack size (individual pack sizes from 5cl to 5,000cl) 
Carbonation indicator 
Serving size - single serve (up to 60cl), multi serve (61cl plus) 
Refillable vs non-refillable volume (for PET and glass) 

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