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Artificial Intelligence: Latest Development and Major Vendors Patent Deployment

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Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute

Published Date : Jan 2015

Category :

Artificial Intelligence

No. of Pages : 24 Pages

AI (Artificial Intelligence) plays a pivotal role in IoT (Internet of Things) as it can be applied to a myriad of smart connected products, such as lighting, cars, wearables, medical care, smartphones, and smart home sensing control devices. This report provides an overview of AI technologies and analysis of major vendors' patent deployment and technology development strategies with patent mining techniques, comprising of text and data mining. And also included is a brief summary of strategic activities of major vendors, including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel, and Qualcomm.

1.Technology Overview
1.1 Neural Network
1.2 Expert System
1.3 Fuzzy Logic
1.4 Genetic Algorithm

2. Data Mining of AI-related Patents
2.1 Patent Search Procedure
2.1.1 Selecting a Patent Database
2.1.2 Identifying Search Keywords
2.1.3 Data Selection
2.1.4 Data Analysis
2.2 Analysis of Technology Trends
2.2.1 Text Mining
2.2.2 Data Mining
2.2.3 Relative R&D Intensity
2.2.4 Results of Patent Index Analysis

3.Outlook for the AI Application Market

4.Tracking and Observing Highlights
4.1US Companies Should be Watched Closely as They Enjoy Absolute Advantage in AI
4.2 Autonomous Robots & Intelligent Virtual Assistants to Have Great Growth Potential

Glossary of Terms
List of Companies

List of Table

Table 1 Comparison of Major AI Technologies
Table 2 Key Technology Fields Identified By Text Mining
Table 3 R&D Intensity of the Top 30 AI Patent Assignees
Table 4 Top 10 AI-Related Patents
Table 5 Matrix Analysis of 10 Most Important AI-Related Patents
Table 6 Major Vendors' Deployment of AI Patents
Table 7 Analysis of Major Vendors' AI-enabled Application Products

List of Chart

Figure 1 Various AI-enabled Products
Figure 2 Search Flow for AI-related Patents
Figure 3 AI Patent Distribution Share by Sector
Figure 4 AI Patent Distribution Share by Field
Figure 5 Scale of Worldwide AI Application Market, 2013 - 2024
Figure 6 Market Value Share of AI Applications by Field, 2013 - 2024
Figure 7 Growth Potential of Major AI Application Fields

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