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BetterUp Raise US$103 mn in Series C Funding

Published On : Jun 14,2019

BetterUp has raised US$103 mn in series C funding. The major investors in this round were Threshold Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners, Freestyle Capital, Tenaya Capital, Crosslink Capital, and Silicon Valley Bank.

The company boasts of

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Oman Introduces New Taxes to Reduce Dependency on Crude Oil

Published On : Jun 13,2019

The secretariat general of taxation of the Sultanate of Oman recently enforced an array of new taxes on a number of products. The sultanate wants to reduce its dependency on crude oil revenues, and hence the new taxes. Products ranging from alcoho

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Extracting DNA from Plant Tissues will Take few Minutes Hereafter

Published On : Jun 12,2019

Collecting DNA from plant tissues using conventional techniques is time-consuming. Scientists have developed a novel technique that makes DNA collection a few minutes task. In this technique, researchers used micro-needle patches to collect DNA fr

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Social Determinants of Health Changing Care Models for Better

Published On : Jun 11,2019

Hospitals constantly strive to do better and deliver the best results. From medicines and medical procedures to aftercare of patients, they keep a tab on all aspects. This is majorly done in order to assess the risk factor. Following this, hospita

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How this Simple Science could Improve Efficiency of Solar Cells

Published On : Jun 10,2019

According to a recent research, halide perovskite solar cells prove to be a promising next-generation solar cell technology. This new research reflects the science behind the engineering, improved techniques, and enables engineering better and imp

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Is Apple in Process to Acquire Self-Drive Startup Drive.ai?

Published On : Jun 07,2019

Apple is reportedly in process of acquiring self-drive startup Drive.ai. While there is no confirmation from both the companies on the development, reports state that the move primarily an attempt to ‘acquire-hire’. This means that Apple is lo

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This 3D Printer with an Eye and Brain is the Future of Manufacturing

Published On : Jun 06,2019

Few years ago, when 3D printing emerged, no one imagined that one day it would become a production tool. Here’s a start-up out of MIT, Inkbit that has developed a 3D printer with an eye and a brain. Yes, you heard that right. The founders of the

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New Technique to aid Eliminate Heavy Metals from Soil

Published On : Jun 05,2019

Toxic heavy metals such as cadmium and lead discharged from industrial plants or mines run into nearby soil to pollute the latter. This makes removal of contaminants from soil is a task, with no easy way to address. In such scenarios, cutting way

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China to Lead the Global Electric Vehicle Revolution

Published On : May 16,2019

The world will witness the electric revolution, but will be driven by China and not the U.S. According to the analysis, the global mobility transformation is sure to come sooner than later in all the vehicles. This will create a shift from petrole

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Mood and Sleep can Influence Your Day at Work

Published On : May 15,2019

Working Memory Researchers have investigated how the mood, age, and sleep quality affects working memory of a person.

Working memory alludes to short-term memory or a cognitive system that temporarily holds the information in brain. I

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Eating Nuts in the Third Trimester to Improve Child's Neurodevelopment

Published On : May 14,2019

Nuts can reduce oxidative stress, hypertension, and diabetes. It also bets on protecting the effects of cognitive reduction due to old age. To add to this list of benefits of consuming nuts, the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal) con

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Robots and AI will be Your Future Work Wives

Published On : May 14,2019

Robotics and artificial intelligence collectively are not ready to transform the way researchers work. Now, the way in which they collect data, analyze it, carry out experiment, and innovate new technologies is likely to change. Innovation is evol

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Honey Not a Healthy Alternative

Published On : May 06,2019

According to an Action on Sugar research, the retail industry is misleading consumers stating honey is better than sugar.  Companies promote honey and syrups as a healthy alternative to sugar. They contain the same level of sugar as compared to n

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Why Water Technology Startups Fail?

Published On : May 03,2019

With rising water challenges, we are on a race to solve them with sustainable alternatives. This gives opportunity to many water technology startups and enterprises. These startups start operating with an objective to meet water challenges with th

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Your Pretty Face is the Password for Your Desktop

Published On : May 02,2019

A touch or a wave can unlock your smartphone, and a tap could get you a mug of fresh sizzling coffee. Days are not far when your personal computer could sense your presence and unlock the screen for you. Tobii's next-gen software aims to insti

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Robots to Help Autistic Kids

Published On : Apr 30,2019

To overcome challenges for children with autism, scientists have come up with a simple technique to build new robots. The technique utilizes affordable low energy Bluetooth devices of BLEs to perceive and interact with its surroundings. Along with

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A Device to Help Speechless Speak their Mind

Published On : Apr 26,2019

Here is a good news for those suffering from a severe medical condition. Scientists have successfully redeveloped vocal capabilities of a healthy human being. They were able to achieve this tapping into the brain of a healthy human subject. This i

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EpiWear: Trending Wearable to Halt Allergic Reaction

Published On : Apr 25,2019

You are in an emergency and your epinephrine shot is not available. Or, you are not able to get the right dosage of the drug to take care of your allergic reaction. Here's a solution to these problems- EpiWear. The brainchild of students of Ri

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New Techniques to Develop Better Lithium Batteries

Published On : Apr 24,2019

Lithium-ion batteries are extensively used in our daily lives. However, they are prone to have low energy density which often leads to recharging the battery. Also, as a result of highly flammable electrolyte, there are chances of them catching fi

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New Energy Saving Catalysts can Work at Room Temperature

Published On : Apr 17,2019

Researchers of NIST have explored a new breed of catalysts that allow to initiate some chemical reactions at room temperature. Researchers believe that these catalysts can start chemical reactions which usually require large amount of heat even at

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Researchers adopt Approach to Distinguish Topological Materials

Published On : Apr 12,2019

In the decades since they were first hypothesized, researchers had proposed that there are properties of topological materials that are exotic in nature. These kept up their electrical properties even when there was an extreme temperature shifts o

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How Flying Cars are Helping Fight against Climate Change?

Published On : Apr 12,2019

According to a report, flying cars are the solution to the existing traffic congestion. The report predicts that these futuristic vehicles can be a good medium to commute for users and benefit the environment. However, they are good only if they a

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New Cleaner & Safer Rocket Fuel to Provide Better Propulsion

Published On : Apr 09,2019

In a recent development, researchers have found possibilities to create a safer and cleaner rocket fuel. The new fuel uses simpler chemical "triggers" than its predecessors and is still equally effective. The triggers in the new fuel unlocks the e

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Lighting Storms to Measure Density of Earth’s Atmosphere

Published On : Apr 08,2019

Earth’s upper atmosphere is constantly moving during the day..  As a result, scientists were unable to measure its accurate density. However, in a recent study published by Sandeep Sarker and Chad Renick precise density of the upper atmosphere

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Researchers Quantify Impact of Autonomous Vehicles on Traffic

Published On : Apr 05,2019

In a report it was found that concurrence between autonomous and conventional vehicle will impact the outcomes autonomous driving. The report was published by UWICORE Laboratory at department of communications engineering and I3E Engineering and R

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