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Virtual Reality Glove Now in Reality

Published On : Jul 23,2019

Recently, a virtual reality-enabled glove is in the news. The glove offers experience while dealing with virtual objects. According to researchers, the virtual reality glove is optimal combination of pneumatic actuators and tangible piezoelectric

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New Sensors to Send and Receive Muscle Signal Post Muscle Transfer

Published On : Jul 22,2019

Surgical bio-signal implants in bio-signal field is not merely a concept these days. There have been various research that proves that bio-signal implants are here and changing various lives. There are various research and development groups that

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Unstructured Data to Provide Valuable Insights from Healthcare NLP

Published On : Jul 19,2019

EHR has been helping physicians to provide complete health record to the patients. Although there are forms available in many EHR records, physicians still use unstructured data in text form to diagnose the patients. However, this data poses sever

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New Control Technology to Make Grasping and Releasing Easier for Robots

Published On : Jul 18,2019

A recent study led by Prof. Tetsuyou Watanabe at Kanazawa University provides favorable output new control technology for robotic arms. The study relies upon the grasping and releasing of objects safely into complex positions by robots. In the exp

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Wearable Sensors to Get Enhanced by Smart Textile Solutions

Published On : Jul 17,2019

Sensors have become one of the most trending technologies over the last decade. Smart devices enabled with multiple sensors are seamlessly changing the perspective of modern business these days. However, the latest trend in sensors technologies is

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Easy Manufacturing for Robotics Parts With Automated Systems

Published On : Jul 16,2019

MIT researchers have proposed designs and 3D prints for automated systems. This system is capable to produce complex robotics parts called actuators. These parts are optimized according to multiple specifications. In other words, the systems can a

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This Backpack Will Charge Your Phone While Traveling

Published On : Jul 15,2019

If you are an ardent traveler, then you never shy away from walking miles to explore new places. While we invest substantial energy to move around, little did we know that our footsteps could not only keep us, but also our phones going. Here's

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Researchers Develop a 6-D Model to Enhance Flying Robots Capacities

Published On : Jul 12,2019

In the past few years, aerial robots have become quite popular across a variety of applications in different fields. Several of these robots are designed to fly around and gather visual information from their surroundings. Some of the robots can c

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UTSA Researchers Develop New Protein Blocker to Tackle Obesity

Published On : Jul 11,2019

According to the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, four out of ten adult Americans are obese. Interestingly, in the last two decades, the obese population has nearly tripled in states such as Texas. The association warns that if stak

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New OLED Pixels to Make Displays Brighter and Sharper

Published On : Jul 09,2019

Researchers have been successful in developing a new technique that will enhance the existing TV and smartphone displays. This technique will make the displays brighter with enhanced contrast and long-lasting life. In several modern smartphone, ta

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New Method of Directed Evolution Helps in Fast Development of Cells

Published On : Jul 08,2019

Scientists at the UNC School of Medicine have been successful in creating a new ‘directed evolution’ technique. It’s a powerful technique that helps in the fast development of new scientific tools and treatments for several diseases.

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Silicon Valley Startup is Saving Nature by Manufacturing Biopolymers

Published On : Jul 05,2019

We live in an age, which after long, may be called as the ‘Plastic Age’. The amount of plastic we use today and the fact that it endures for centuries, it is bound to create problems for us and the environment. And interestingly, it is! Follow

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Stanford Team Develops ‘Autofocal’ Lenses to Tackle Vision Correction

Published On : Jul 04,2019

Presbyopia is one of the most commonly occurring vision disorders among humans. Most of the time, this disorder sets in at the age of 45. It occurs due to the fact the lenses in our eyes lose their elasticity, which dilutes the ability to focus on

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Robotic Automation Process – An AI Driven Path for Greater Efficiency

Published On : Jul 03,2019

Nowadays, robots are already being deployed alongside humans across several industries. However, the work these robots do is not exactly as per the general perception. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) uses these robots or more precisely robotic AI

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SafeUT App turns a Life Saver for Utah

Published On : Jul 02,2019

The University of Neuropsychiatric in collaboration with Utah State launched a unique mobile app called SafetUT. This app is a student safety reporting app for smartphones. It is a unique tool that provides immediate help through phone calls and t

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New Wearable Devices Offer Real-time Information about User Emotions

Published On : Jul 01,2019

Scientists from the School of Computing and Communications, Lancaster University are successful in developing a new wrist-worn smart material prototype. This wearable prototype can help people suffering bi-polar disorders, anxiety, and depression

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New AI Universe Simulations Leave Researchers Surprised by its Speed and Accuracy

Published On : Jun 28,2019

Astrophysicists have deployed artificial intelligence techniques for the first time to create highly complex 3D simulations of the universe. The corresponding results are so robust, accurate, and fast that it has even surprised the developers. The

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Scientists Successfully Develop Fatty Acid Strains with Highest Microbial Fermentation Concentrations

Published On : Jun 27,2019

Scientists have developed a new method to enhance the efficiency of biofuels and fatty acids into microbial diesel fuel. This process involves transformation of oleaginous microorganisms and glucose into microbial fuel with a single-step fermentat

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Scientists Claim Better Understanding of Asymmetrical Thermoelectric Performance

Published On : Jun 25,2019

Scientists at the Texas Center for Superconductivity, University of Huston, have reported a major discovery that sheds more light on the asymmetrical thermoelectric performance. This discovery was published in Science Advances journal.


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New Developments in the E-Tattoo Technology to Enable Better Accuracy in Heart Health Monitoring

Published On : Jun 24,2019

As per the new data by the National Center for Health Statistics in 2017, a particular form of heart disease has caused over 45,000 deaths across the state of Texas. However, a new technology developed by the engineers at the University of Texas a

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Waymo Enters into Partnership with Nissan and Renault

Published On : Jun 21,2019

Waymo plans to study how commercial autonomous vehicles would fare in Japan and France in regards with passengers and packages. For this, it has entered into an exclusive partnership Nissan and Renault. The announcement points towards a pre-decide

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Plastic Lenses Increase 50% Efficiency of Solar Desalination System

Published On : Jun 20,2019

Scientists enhanced the efficacy of solar desalination system 50% concentrating sunlight into hot spots, using low-cost plastic lenses. This is a work of a team of researchers at Laboratory for Nanophotonics (LANP), Rice University. Further, the o

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Epoxy Resin May Prevent Pollutant Leakage from Perovskite Solar Cells

Published On : Jun 19,2019

Perovskite solar cells discharge large volume of lead into the environment. And, lead is highly toxic and the impact of this is usually catastrophic. Researchers propose adding a layer of epoxy resin in the solar cells to prevent this. Further, th

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TezLab Plans to Add New Features to Attract Consumers

Published On : Jun 18,2019

Besides Tesla, only TezLab, a small startup in Brooklyn, can provide the best insights into Tesla’s international electric vehicles fleet. After two years of inception, the company is likely to hit the tipping point of its consumers. Its founder

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Aurora Supercomputer to be Fully Functional from 2021

Published On : Jun 17,2019

Argonne National Laboratory recently announced its Aurora Supercomputer will provide unparalleled performance in the exaflop range, once deployed completely. Scientists will deploy the supercomputer in 2021 and offer a billion-billion (1018) compu

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