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Researchers Pave Way to Commercialize Clean Energy

Published On : Sep 05,2019

The need for energy is increasing at a rapid rate with the increase of population. As per a study, it has been observed that world population will touch 10 billion in 2050. In such situation there should be some alternate source of energy that is

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Novel Development in Software Technology to Tighten Data Security

Published On : Sep 04,2019

We are living in the era of digitalization the penetration of technology has increased to an extent that we rely on technology to perform from big to small of our day to day tasks. For instance, we use our digital technology to pay for our grocery

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New Advances to Reduce Wake Turbulence

Published On : Sep 03,2019

Wake turbulence is a phenomenon which occurs as the plane creates a set of two tornados like rotating vortices. These vortices rotated in the opposite direction of each other. In fact, wake turbulence is a topic being widely studied in aviation in

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A New Traffic Monitoring System Developed Using AI

Published On : Aug 30,2019

Researchers of South Ural State University have built up an extraordinary intelligent framework for checking flow of traffic utilizing artificial intelligence, which does not require explicit recording system and is able to function on any kind of

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Study Finds Benefits to Omega-3 Fatty Acids in reducing Triglycerides Levels

Published On : Aug 28,2019

With the rising cases of people suffering from diabetes and obesity, there are many other complications that arise, among which the increased triglyceride levels is currently making rounds among the American Heart Association (AHA). The associatio

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Researchers Develop a Way to Repurpose Polyurethane Waste into Other Useful Products

Published On : Aug 27,2019

Polyurethane is widely used in several types of materials such as foam mattresses, insulation, paints, and seat cushions. These applications also produce a large amount of polyurethane waste which needs to be processed without affecting the enviro

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AI System Automates Allocation of Workload to Different Serves

Published On : Aug 26,2019

A new AI system is developed by researchers at MIT that automatically understands the scheduling of data processing operation over thousands of servers. Earlier, this task was designed traditionally designed for inaccurate human created algorithms

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The World’s at Risk as Intel, Amazon Roll-out Killer AI: Survey

Published On : Aug 23,2019

Microsoft, Intel, and Amazon are being counted as the key companies that are risking the world with their killer robot development. On the basis of a survey report of the key players from tech industry were asked about their take on harmful autono

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MIT Discovers Underwater Battery-free Sensor for Exploration

Published On : Aug 22,2019

Researchers at MIT have discovered a battery-free sensor which works under water to explore the vast oceans, and transfer data to the surface. This is also being called under water Internet of Things.

Scientists have developed an underwate

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VERSE to Make Web Browsing Easy For Blind

Published On : Aug 20,2019

Scientists have come up with a new voice assistant which helps visually impaired people to have an access to web content effortlessly and fast, from the devices such as smart speakers and so on.

In a recent study by the University of Water

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Innovative Exo-Suite to Conveniently Support Walking and Running

Published On : Aug 19,2019

A walk justifies the attitude of a person and running can be helpful in saving lives. Humans have a small window of speed range in which they can either walk gracefully or run faster. However, humans naturally choose the gait that consumes the low

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CsPbI3 to Over Silicon as Solar Energy Products

Published On : Aug 16,2019

The reason why silicon leads in solar energy products is because of its stable nature. They are also extremely cost-effective and efficient when it comes to transforming sunrays into electricity. Now, in case silicon is to be replaced with any new

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Perovskite Material to Replace Silicon in the Near Future

Published On : Aug 14,2019

Silicon has been dominating the electronics and solar energy industry for years. The reason behind this is not because it is the most efficient element but it is the only available element that has the desired stability to be utilized in commercia

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Reduced Intake of Carbs May Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

Published On : Aug 13,2019

In order to treat type 2 diabetes patients, nutritional therapy plays an important role. However, the recommendations are yet not clear.  As claimed by the Danish Health Authority, 85% newly diagnosed type 2 diabetes patients suffer from obesity.

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24 Hour BP Monitoring Helps in Accurate Prediction of Heart Diseases

Published On : Aug 09,2019

A critical treatable risk factor in heart and arterial systems disorders is high blood pressure. Blood pressure checked over 24 hours can predict complications related to heart and arterial system more accurately. It is more precise and reliable t

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Scientists Develop Most Sensitive Experiment to Detect Dark Matter

Published On : Aug 08,2019

Reports are emerging from the LUX-ZEPLIN experiment that its key component is ready to be sealed. This sealed component will be lowered around 1.5 kilometers underground and will try to search for dark matter.

Dark matter is an enigmatic f

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3D Printing is the New Alternative to Soft Lithography

Published On : Aug 07,2019

Microfluidics involve study and manipulation of sub-microscopic liters of fluid. Microfluidics and technologies that use this concept have several multi and interdisciplinary fields of applications such as biology to engineering. Experiments can b

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Scientists Take Step Ahead for Definitive Heart Regeneration Therapies

Published On : Aug 06,2019

A new research paper is published in the Nature Biotechnology and is partially funded by the British Hearth Foundation (BHF). According to this research paper, a combination of hear cells that are derived from the human stem cells are the key to d

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Scientists Find Mechanism That Drives Cancerous Cell Growth

Published On : Aug 05,2019

A team of scientists has discovered the mechanism of energy production of the cancerous cells. The team discovered how development of cancerous cells can drive growth of the nucleus and lead to rapid formation of tumors. The research team consists

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Investing in Energy Storage Tech Will Curb Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Published On : Aug 01,2019

We all know renewable sources of energy is a must for our future survival. Renewable sources not only help in generating sustainable clean energy but also help in cutting down the emissions from greenhouse gases.

However, there is one thin

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A New Method to Predict Size of Earthquake from Brine Injection

Published On : Jul 31,2019

Brine is a byproduct of oil and gas production. It is in the form of toxic wastewater. Well-drillers generally dispose off the brine by injecting it in deep rock formations. These injections at times can cause earthquakes. Most of the time these q

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Use of Light is a Potential Answer for a Secure AI

Published On : Jul 30,2019

Currently, we are experiencing a highly accelerated growth and adoption of AI that the ability to influence a broad range of changes in society. They include better lifestyle conditions, growth of the economy, ease of access to entertainment, well

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Wearable Artificial Graphene Throat (WAGT) to ‘Voice’ Mute People

Published On : Jul 26,2019

An artificial throat developed by a team of scientists could help mute people express their thoughts. The team reports to ACS Nano with regard to its operations. The scientists claim that the artificial throat will give ‘voice’ to mut

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China Mulling New Norms for Emerging E-Cigarettes Market

Published On : Jul 25,2019

Owing to the rising popularity of e-cigarettes in the country, the Chinese government is mulling to regulating the flourishing e-cigarettes market. Chinese Health Authorities are willing to take introduce new regulations with focus on people’s h

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Automation to Radically Alter the Face of Delivery Process

Published On : Jul 24,2019

Automation has penetrated into the core of every business today. Product delivery process also has not remained untouched with automation. With the implementation of various innovative solutions, businesses are leveraging the benefits offered by t

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