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NVidia Releases New Turing Architecture in its Quadro Family

Published On : Aug 14,2018

In its Siggraph keynote, NVidia has launched its new architecture along with three pro-oriented workstation graphics cards in its Quadro family. The new Turing architecture is the greatest leap since the invention of the CUDA GPU in 2006, accordin

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Samsung Launches the Massive Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Key Review Details

Published On : Aug 13,2018

Two years ago, Samsung notoriously became known for the exploding Galaxy Note devices. However, the company learnt to implement more rigorous checks, and now has released the highly awaited Galaxy Note 9. Go through the review details below to und

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Pilot Program Launched by Starry to Provide Less Expensive Internet

Published On : Aug 10,2018

Today, the Internet service provider Starry has announced the launch of its Starry Connect program in association with Boston Housing Authority (BHA). The main aim of this pilot program is to provide affordable quality Internet through free access

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Klook Raises US$200 mn to Fuel Progress in its Global Travel Platform

Published On : Aug 08,2018

The Hong Kong-based startup which is developing a travel activities platform has recently raised about US$200 mn in the form of new capital. The company plans to use this funding to stoke expansion of its travel platform mainly in the United State

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Google to Release the Much Waited Android 9.0 Version Called Android Pie

Published On : Aug 07,2018

Google has cruised into the Q3 of 2018 today by announcing the release of its highly awaited Android version 9.0, simply called Android Pie. Following its release on Google Pixel devices by providing updates over-the-air, the version will also be

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Ban on Addiction Center Ads Gradually Lifted Off By Google

Published On : Aug 03,2018

Google has now decided to allow ads associated with addiction-related keywords and phrases to run on the Web. These ads were banned for almost a year to prevent shady providers earning by fooling vulnerable patients. A small group of providers vet

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New Menswear Startup to Recommend Clothes Based on Spotify Data

Published On : Aug 02,2018

A new thought enumerates that shoppers’ taste in music is an excellent way to understand them. And now there is an entire industry present behind this idea, which deals with figuring out what should be played inside shopping complexes and stores

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Apple’s Revenue Nears US$1 Trillion, Matching Earlier Expectations

Published On : Aug 01,2018

Apple is inching closer and closer to becoming a $1 trillion company today after posting third-quarter results that beat what analysts were expecting. With this, their s

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Sequel to Legendary and Cult Classic Game La-Mulana Finally Launched

Published On : Jul 31,2018

The sequel to the legendary game La-Mulana has finally been released. And this marks the end of a long journey for many gamers who have been waiting for like eternity. The game is simply called La-Mulana 2 and portrays a typical two dimensional vi

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After Apple, Google to Follow the Same Footsteps and Clean Its Play Store

Published On : Jul 30,2018

Google is cracking down on the apps published to the Play Store. An updated version of the company’s Developer Policy, released this week, indicates the company will now ban a wider variety of apps including cryptocurrency miners, those selling

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Key Facts about the New Lenovo’s Google Smart Display

Published On : Jul 27,2018

Lenovo’s Google Smart Display Goes on Sale today, and sure enough it looks much like an Android tablet, with an inbuilt Google Assistant. The device handles visual feedback for audio commands, giving lightweight visual context for some queries a

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Zbiotics Launces Possibly the World’s First Bioengineered Hangover Cure

Published On : Jul 26,2018

Zbiotics, which is a startup backed by Y Combinator, has spent two years developing the so called world’s first ‘genetically engineered probiotic’. The startup’s initial product might not be exactly world-changing, but it could have a high

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Highly Efficient Aurora Night-Vision Camera Launched by SiOnyx

Published On : Jul 25,2018

SiOnyx has recently launched the Aurora high-performance night-vision action camera, specifically aimed for the niche of outdoor enthusiasts. The price of this device ranges from US$719 - US$799, and is said to be the one of the best tech availabl

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Google Finally Enters the Race to Become a US$1 Trillion worth Company

Published On : Jul 24,2018

Google was worth more than US$800 billion in the past; it might still be shy of Apple’s progress. However, the tech giant has already entered a race between few companies to reach revenue worth US$1 trillion.

More Insights about

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Researchers at Stanford Create Wearable Devices to Measure Cortisol in Sweat

Published On : Jul 23,2018

Cortisol is a stress hormone present in the human body, but is involved in numerous important physiological functions. However, the level of this hormone may rise and fall throughout the day, and thus may depict a spike as a response to increasing

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New Part Finder by Amazon Helps Users Shop for Odd Nuts and Bolts

Published On : Jul 20,2018

Amazon has launched a new feature for mobile devices that can now put to rest the difficulties faced by anyone who cannot just find the right mechanical parts. Be it nuts, bolts, washers, or fasteners, the new feature can be used to find these par

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Sensible Object Launces First Alexa Powered Board Game: When in Rome

Published On : Jul 18,2018

Sensible Object is the first company to come up with a board game that can talk back to the players, with the help of Alexa. The game called When in Rome, promises the start of a new era in the field of board games.

More Details ab

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Speakers worth US$200 Unveiled by Roku, Specially Made For Roku TV

Published On : Jul 17,2018

Roku entered the speaker business with a recent announcement made regarding the launch of Roku TV Wireless Speakers.

More Insights into the Launch of Roku Speakers

As per Mark Ely, the company’s vice president of

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Hinge Implements New Algorithm to Find Most Compatible Match for Users

Published On : Jul 13,2018

The dating and match making game has highly evolved over the years, especially with the advent of app and online dating. With ever-increasing numbers of profiles that users need to go through, it literally could feel like be finding a needle in a

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Xara Cloud to Ensure that Businesses Receive Attractive Content

Published On : Jul 12,2018

When most new businesses want to launch their website, create presentations, or publish a report, it might be difficult to get hold of a professional designer, who can readily work in the companies’ fixed budgets. This might make the businesses

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Giannandrea as New Apple AI Head to Oversee Siri, Core ML; Replaces Federighi

Published On : Jul 11,2018

Apple Inc. has a new individual heading their artificial intelligence division, who will likewise supervise the Siri, assuming on that liability from programming official Craig Federighi, as indicated by the organization's site.


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Russia to Deploy Fastest Space Cargo Ship ‘Progress 70’ for ISS Today

Published On : Jul 10,2018

A Russian space vehicle stacked with food, fuel and different supplies has launched for the International Space Station.

The Progress MS-09 lifted off as planned at 3:51 a.m. Tuesday (5:51 p.m. EDT Monday) from the Russia-rented Baikonur C

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Recovery of Asteroid Particles Begins in Botswana

Published On : Jul 09,2018

A fragment from an asteroid, that slammed into Earth a month ago and burst into flames econds in the wake of entering the environment over Botswana, has been found in the Kalahari Game Reserve by a global group of researchers.

The fragment

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Eta Carinae Cosmic Particles May Hit Earth , suggest NASA’s NuSTAR images

Published On : Jul 06,2018

NASA's NuSTAR space telescope has made some new observations which suggest the super luminous star system Eta Carinae is propelling cosmic rays, some of which will probably hit the Earth.

Researchers have deduced that Eta Carinae, the

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Towards the End of ‘Dawn’, Ceres Bright Spots Get Better Close-Up Shots

Published On : Jul 05,2018

NASA's Dawn shuttle is one that we don't get notification from all the time nowadays, mostly in light of the fact that it put in seven years on its approach to overshadow planet Ceres and it's been gradually drawing nearer to the quest

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