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  • Amazon’s Decision to Buy Whole Foods - A Smart Move or ‘Big Brother’ Takeover?

    Published On : Jun 19,2017

    Amazon took everyone by surprise with its recent announcement of buying out Whole Foods at a hopping US$13.7 billion. The announcement has been met with a mixed response: fans of Amazon have applauded this bold move; however, critics as well as th

  • Boeing to Launch New Larger 737 at Paris Expo; its First since 2013

    Published On : Jun 19,2017

    It has been four years since Boeing Co. launched a new jet and the company has just hinted at its intent to do so, with the go-ahead likely to be received at Monday’s Paris Air Show. The Max 10 narrow-body 737 is said to have the capacity to car

  • Twitterati Critical of Latest Changes in Design and Interface

    Published On : Jun 16,2017

    Twitter has just revealed its new avatar and in keeping with the several other changes the short-messaging service has made of late, Twitterati is not so pleased with the revisions. The San Francisco-based company said that the latest design focus

  • Upheaval at Uber Headquarters may Affect Operations in India

    Published On : Jun 16,2017

    Uber’s operations in India are likely to take a hit owing to the disarray in the company after the exit of a top management-level executive. Just days after head of the Asia Pacific division Eric Alexander and senior vice president Emil Michael

  • Discount Sales Flooding Market, with GST a Few Days Away

    Published On : Jun 15,2017

    As the countdown for Goods and Services Tax (GST) rollout enters the final stage, discount on electronic appliances, mobile accessories, apparel, and footwear is picking pace. Ecommerce platforms and brick and mortar stores alike, are flooded with

  • Facebook’s Research Team Gives Bots Ability to Reason, Negotiate

    Published On : Jun 15,2017

    Facebook offers new technology, pushing ability to create bots, which can converse, negotiate, and reason every step in creating a personalized digital assistance. The news was revealed by researchers Dhruv Batra and Mike Lewis in their latest blo

  • Latest Obesity Study finds 1/3rd of Global Population Overweight

    Published On : Jun 14,2017

    A new study has reported that over 2 billion children and adults around the world are either overweight or obese and suffer from various health issues owing to their weight. This figure amounts to one third of the global population. Researchers ha

  • Gymboree Shuts Down 450 Stores in the Wake of Bankruptcy

    Published On : Jun 14,2017

    Gymboree, the kids clothing chain in the US, is closing hundreds of its stores in the wake of filing for bankruptcy. In the midst of crushing pressure from retailers across the nation, the clothing chain will be shutting down 375 to 450 of the 1,2

  • Epigenetic Changes Being Linked to Violent Tendencies in Children

    Published On : Jun 13,2017

    According to a new study, there is a direct relation between the consumption of cigarettes and alcohol by pregnant women and the violent behavior shown by their offspring. As stated in the study, the exposure to the chemicals in cigarettes and alc

  • Seagate Unleashes 8TB Game Drive for Hardcore Xbox One Users

    Published On : Jun 13,2017

    The past month has been a great one for Microsoft with the launch of Game Pass, its new online subscription service for Xboz One games. The company has also unveiled its new console, the Xbox One X, at E3 2017. The console itself comes with an int

  • Xbox One X Uncovered by Microsoft ahead of E3 Games 2017

    Published On : Jun 12,2017

    Ahead of the Los Angeles E3 games show, tech giant Microsoft revealed its latest gaming console in the line which is a powerful and high-end version of the Xbox One known as the Xbox One X. It endorsed the machine’s specs and its capability to r

  • Pound Sterling Stable after Jarring U.K. Elections

    Published On : Jun 12,2017

    After being at its extreme low since last week’s shocking election revelations, the British pound has finally gained stability in the Asian markets. It closed at US$1.2743 on Friday and traded at US$1.2740 on Monday morning. According to busines

  • Amazon Ends its Unlimited Cloud Storage for Amazon Drive

    Published On : Jun 09,2017

    Amazon drive has changed their policies regarding the cloud storage. Now you could get unlimited storage options for any of your data, which is surely an unbeatable deal. Amazon was the only company offering unlimited free cloud storage for $60-a-

  • Even Moderate Drinking Can Harm the Brain

    Published On : Jun 09,2017

    There is always a heated debate when it comes to alcohol-and-health issue, as it’s never been easy to prove the point. According to some researchers, consumption of little percentage of alcohol is beneficial for health. Some have referenced doct

  • Power Storage Plant by Renault-Nissan to Power Over 120,000 Homes

    Published On : Jun 08,2017

    In a project that would be capable of competing with utility companies, Renault-Nissan has decided to make a 100 megawatt power storage plant in Europe, which will give electric car batteries a second life. The plant which will be built is project

  • Sensor Technology in Bat to Revolutionize Game of Cricket

    Published On : Jun 08,2017

    Cricket as the game we know it today is much much smart, literally! No, it is not about the new rules implemented since the past few years nor about the technology that the third umpire uses. This year’s Champion’s Trophy, which is ongoing, is

  • HomePod Smart Speaker Unveiled by Apple

    Published On : Jun 07,2017

    In its mega annual event, WWDC, Apple announced a plethora of new hardware and software. Although being a conference for developers, it also gives Apple’s customers a sneak peek into the upcoming software features and products. The mega announce

  • Amazon Presents Welfare Customers with Heavy Discounts

    Published On : Jun 07,2017

    With capitalism gaining height each day, leading trade and retail houses are putting forth strategies to glorify their brand. Not that it is actually called welfare formally, but a glorious example of capitalism has been set up by Amazon among pro

  • Apple’s Smart Glass Features Leaked!

    Published On : Jun 06,2017

    This weekend, a Reddit user has revealed information regarding the products which Apple has in pipeline! Along with upcoming iPhones and Mac hardware, interesting information has been disclosed regarding Apple’s smart glasses. It has been long s

  • Foxconn Trio Reveals Apple Glass, iPhone8 Features ahead of WWDC 2017

    Published On : Jun 05,2017

    Even as the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) by Apple commences on Monday June 5, 2017, people within Foxconn leaked some juicy titbits about Apple’s upcoming launches. Three people within the Chinese manufacturer of several Apple p

  • Apple’s Version of Amazon Echo, Google Home Speaker on the Cards

    Published On : Jun 05,2017

    Apple products have become omnipresent – seen on your desk, in your pocket, and under your TV. And if everything goes to plan, Apple Inc. will soon take over your kitchen counter or nightstand with its latest “Designed by Apple in California

  • Bakery Ingredients Market to Gain Impetus from Increasing Demand in Emerging Economies

    Published On : Jan 05,2017

    Emerging economies across the world have been exhibiting demand for bakery ingredients at a higher rate in accordance with economic progress. Several companies have been working on improving the nutrient value of bakery ingredients they use. One s

  • High Demand from Aerospace Sector to Boost Demand for Bulletproofing Market

    Published On : Jan 02,2017

    The global bullet proofing market is driven by a strong need to protect personnel in the military field and law enforcement from fatal injuries and death. Bullet proofing is in high demand from the aerospace sector and for the manufacturing of bul

  • Cost Factor Restricting Interventional Cardiology Devices Market From Flourishing in Asia Pacific

    Published On : Dec 30,2016

    Interventional cardiology is a minimally invasive catheter based technology that enables treatment of coronary artery disease, such as coronary blockages or narrowing of the coronary artery restricting normal blood flow. Continuous increase in num

  • Rising Requirement for Augmented Power Transmission to Bolster Sales of Wires and Cables in South Africa

    Published On : Dec 30,2016

    The South Africa wire and cable market is highly fragmented with the existence of numerous players. To meet the unmet demand for wire and cables, producers are escalating their manufacturing processes. Leading companies are also concentrating on t