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Fit Body Reduces Risk of Heart Attack, says Study

Published On : Jan 16,2019

Poor cardiorespiratory wellness could expand your danger of a heart attack in future, regardless of whether you don’t have side effects of a lifestyle ailments today, a research has found.

"We figured a solid connection between improved

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Natural Membrane to Now Make Hydrogen Fuel Out of Water

Published On : Jan 14,2019

A compound reaction pathway integral to plant science have been adjusted to shape the foundation of another procedure that changes over water turning into hydrogen fuel utilizing power from the sun.

In a current report from the U.S. Divisi

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High Usage of Social media is Similar to Drug Addiction

Published On : Jan 11,2019

Poor decision-making is a quality generally connected with pathological gamblers and people addicted to drugs, however shouldn't something be said about individuals who too much utilize social media? New research from Michigan State University

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Drinking and Smoking related to Different Areas of Brain, Reveals Study

Published On : Jan 09,2019

Recently, professors Jianfeng Feng and Edmund Rolls from the University of Warwick’s Department of Computer Science conducted a study. For the purpose of the study, they collaborated with China’s Fudan University’s Dr. Wei Cheng.


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Blackberry Making Efforts to Ensure Better Safety of IoT Devices

Published On : Jan 08,2019

In this technology-driven world, one can actually vouch to ensure the security of anyone’s data. With the introduction IoT devices that are easily connected and can be operated from distant has given more advanced to the hackers. In the past few

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Researchers Developed New Nanosatellite System that Captures Enhanced Images at Reduced Cost

Published On : Jan 07,2019

Researchers from Ben-Gurion University have come up with a new satellite imaging system. It can revolutionize the economies and can even change imagery available from earth-based telescopes and even from space-based cameras.

According to A

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Hyundai Launches Finger Print Technology to Replace Car Keys

Published On : Dec 31,2018

Hyundai has probably made the most revolutionary stride in the domain of car security and safety by introducing biometric sensors that can bring car engines to life. This technology comes at a time when several automobile manufacturers including B

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Genes Might Be Responsible for Kidney Ailments, Says Study

Published On : Dec 28,2018

Recent study has discovered that the genes are responsible for 1 out of 10 instances of chronic kidney illness in grown-ups. Detecting the responsible gene has a significant effect on the methods of treatment for the patients.

"Our researc

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IBM develops Unique Sensor to Study Diseases

Published On : Dec 24,2018

The treatment, symptoms, and study of Parkinson’s disease have been extremely vital areas within the field of healthcare and medicine. A number of previous researches have been conducted to study the signs and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease,

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Using Machine Learning to Track Solar Panel Installation

Published On : Dec 21,2018

Solar panels have gained traction from multiple longitudes across the world, and a number of units in the residential, industrial, and commercial sector are using them. However, there is no track of the number or range of households and industries

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Dancing Could Help Older Women Stay Active

Published On : Dec 20,2018

The impact of physical activity on the health of humans has been studied for decades, and a number of researchers and medical professional have found key inferences in this regard. A recent study conducted by a team of researchers elucidates the r

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Wi-Fi makes it Easy to Operate Wave-based Computing and Analog Actions

Published On : Dec 17,2018

Researchers of the Langevin Institute have developed a way of using simple Wi-Fi signals into wave-based computations and to perform analog processes. Previously it was discussed that using analog processors in computers would to be less energy-in

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Invention of Supercomputers Prevent Heat Wastage

Published On : Dec 13,2018

It is widely believed that superconductivity and magnetism cannot coexist in the same sample. For building supercomputers, however, both are required to co-exist. Supercomputers built on such techniques are different from conventional power-guzzli

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NHS Trials Low-Calorie Liquid in Tackling Diabetes

Published On : Dec 12,2018

A research led by Newcastle University has shown to put type 2 diabetes in suspension with the help of very low calorie diets. NHS is planning to invest more of their time on focusing the treatment as well as prevention of the disease through long

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World Roadways Safety Minimizes Death Toll under Strong, Sustainable Action

Published On : Dec 12,2018

The latest report of World Health Organization revealed the death of more than 1.3 million people annually on roadways. It also showed millions of disabilities or injuries each year owing to accidents on roads. It is claimed that in the last decad

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Qualcomm Optimistic about Speedy 5G Rollout in India

Published On : Dec 11,2018

Qualcomm, one of the largest mobile chipmakers, predicts immense success of 5G technology in India. It holds out great promise for both enterprises and consumers. Qualcomm Incorporated president added that the cheap data services of Reliance Jio h

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Brain Corp Partners with Walmart to Supply AI Services

Published On : Dec 05,2018

Walmart recently announced its agreement with Bain Corp, a software technology company. This company will supply AI services to Walmart to enhance and update their store. The platform provided by Brain Corp operates around hundreds of Walmart reta

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Amazon to Edge Out Apple for Being Most Valuable Company

Published On : Dec 04,2018

On Monday, Amazon.com has become to be the most valuable company on the Wall Street in the intraday trade. This happened days after the Microsoft Corp had dethroned the long-time leader company, Apple. Amazon had rose by around 4.7 percent at one

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Efforts By UN to Control Climate Change can Go in Vain

Published On : Nov 28,2018

Efforts all over the world to handle environmental change are not making much impact, says the UN, as it elaborates on the surge in emission of CO2 in the past four years. The emission gap report says that financial is driving emissions in 2017, w

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Women Advised Not to Use Silicone Breast Implants for Safety Reasons

Published On : Nov 27,2018

In the U.K., a recent study has questioned the safety concerns regarding the commonly used kind of silicone breast implant in the UK. In France, the women are advised to avoid using the textured implants of silicone. Meanwhile, the researchers are

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Microneeedle Contact Lens-like Patch to Effectively Treat Eye Diseases

Published On : Nov 21,2018

Scientists from the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore have invented a contact lens patch with the help of microneedles that could prove to be an efficient and painless option for treating eye-related conditions such as macular degenerati

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New Blood Test uses AI to for Early Detection of Cancer

Published On : Nov 20,2018

Researchers have invented a new blood test that combines liquid biopsy with artificial intelligence to detect cancer in very early stages so treatment can be started much before symptoms start to appear. The results, which were published in the jo

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New Biofuel Cell be the Future of Implantable Medical Devices

Published On : Nov 19,2018

Researchers have developed a biofuel cell that is powered by glucose and uses electrodes made from high-conductivity electrodes made from assembling gold nanoparticles on cotton. The cell has demonstrated power efficiency as high as double the pow

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Researchers Construct Nanotubes from Protein Crystals

Published On : Nov 15,2018

A team of scientists from the Tokyo Institute of Technology has devised an innovative way of constructing protein nanotubes. The development could help achieve further success in developing nano-sized drug carriers, drug delivery systems, and arti

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New Perovskite-silicon Tandem Solar PV Cells Show Record Efficiency

Published On : Nov 14,2018

Researchers have devised a new way of building tandem solar cells that allows a more efficient method of light management. A team of researchers from Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin has recently announced that their monolithic silicon/perovskite heteroju

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