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1 Hour of Any Physical Activity Benefits People with Osteoarthritis

Published On : Apr 03,2019

Osteoarthritis is affecting people across the globe especially in the U.S. It arises when the shielding cartilage on the ends of bones stops working properly with age. Osteoarthritis can damage and commonly affects joints in spine, hands, knees, a

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New Way of Fabricating Aircraft Wings Could Enable Radical New Designs

Published On : Apr 02,2019

Engineers from MIT and NASA have tested and built a completely new type of airplane wings. They have assembled these airplane wings by collating numerous tiny identical fragments. One of the researchers says that the airplane wing can change its f

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3D Printers to Revolutionize Smart Clothing Technology

Published On : Mar 29,2019

Wearable devices are becoming increasingly popular owing to the numerous benefits they offer. They have encountered a renaissance with the entry of smart clothing technology. Newly developed textiles with integrated digital components have extensi

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European Tech Companies Play Key Role in Ushering Economic Growth

Published On : Mar 27,2019

Brexit has resulted in economic slowdown and uncertainties in the U.K. and all of Europe. However, tech companies in Europe continue to boom despite the challenges faced by their economies. New research conducted by Statista and FFT 1000 suggests

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Smart Clothing Technology to Usher the Wearable Devices Market

Published On : Mar 26,2019

Their ease of use has helped wearables become popular among tech and health savvy individuals lately. Researchers are working on enhancing the durability of wearables to sustain all kinds of environment. This has resulted in the development of sma

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Has AI Bridged the Human - Computer Gap Through Visual Recognition?

Published On : Mar 25,2019

Researchers are focusing on making computers think like humans so as to reduce the manual work. They have achieved this to a considerable extent by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. However, although computers offer a greater accura

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Researchers Say Low Self Esteem Drives People to Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

Published On : Mar 20,2019

Cosmetic surgery refers to the enhancement of one’s physical features through surgical techniques. There has been a tremendous increase in the number of people opting for cosmetic surgery.  The emerging cosmetic surgical procedures include brea

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High Requirement for Disease Protection A Boon for Tomato Grafting

Published On : Mar 18,2019

Tomato grafting has gained immense popularity in recent times owing to the multiple benefits it offers. There are several nurseries and companies selling grafted tomatoes and organic grafted tomato transplants. This method involves joining two pla

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New Apple Watch with An ECG App is the Future of Wearable Heart Devices

Published On : Mar 18,2019

Researchers have been working for years to come up with wearable devices that can monitor heart problems. These efforts have come to fruition with the new study that suggests the Apple watch can detect heart irregularities. Jeff Williams, Apple’

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5G Network: A Breakthrough in Autonomous Car Technology

Published On : Mar 15,2019

The evolution of networks has enabled researches to unlock the technology for autonomous cars. The automobile industry is progressing at a tremendous rate and self-driving cars are no new sheep in the market. The experts believe that development o

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Dawn of a New Malaria Killer; Disease Prevention to Become Easier

Published On : Mar 14,2019

The resurgence of malaria poses a major threat to nearly half of the world’s population, sub-Saharan Africa being highly susceptible. As per the U.S. Centers for Disease Control malaria deaths dropped by 25% from 2010 to 2016. However, the perce

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Mediterranean Diet: A Diet Plan to Enhance Athletic Performance

Published On : Mar 13,2019

Adapting a specific diet plan has  become popular these days with increasing need to lead a healthy lifestyle. If you are looking for a diet to enhance your athletic performance, look no further than Mediterranean diet. A new research, published

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The Discovery of a New Light-Activated Micropump

Published On : Mar 12,2019

Jiming Bao, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Houston said that laser can be used to move liquids in any direction. The new micropump based on this principle overcomes the limitations of the primitive

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How Air Pollution Impacts Fetal Cardiovascular System?

Published On : Mar 12,2019

Whenever we talk about air pollution, we think of how it affects our health. However, it poses a greater threat to pregnant women and consequently, the fetus. A study by Rutgers’s researchers states, “Microscopic particles in air pollution inh

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Apple Using Sneaky Tricks, Revealed in its New Update

Published On : Feb 07,2019

The recent release of iOS 12 unveiled that iPhone’s operating system will now support 5G E. it’s more like a creative and a clever hand of help with AT&T that is also helping Apple for 5G E branding. The latest iOS beta discloses about its new

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China Urges U.S. to acknowledge its Strides in Technology

Published On : Feb 04,2019

In a recent development, China appealed to the United States to acknowledge its industrial development. This is following U.S. intelligence official’s accusation on Beijing for stealing copies of foreign technology. 

In this matter, a s

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Shell acquires Greenlots to Expand EV Charging Infrastructure

Published On : Jan 31,2019

In a bid to show its preparedness for the electrification of roads in America, Royal Dutch Shell is acquiring Greenlots.

Despite the acquisition, Greenlots will continue to maintain its leadership and brand, and will be the building block

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Apple witness Business Decline with Sales Drop by 15%

Published On : Jan 30,2019

Apple Inc. has announced its first fiscal quarter result of 2019 and which majorly exhibits decline or fall. However, the company has always celebrated and appreciated its first quarter result of every year and always stated robust growth that mar

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U.S Files Case against Huawei for stealing T-Mobile Information

Published On : Jan 29,2019

In a press meet, The United States department of Justice filed criminal case against the Chinese multinational telecommunication giants, Huawei for the conspiracy to theft business secrets from T-Mobile (TMUS), and also alleges that the Huawei has

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Porsche, BMW Supports Urgent.ly Raises $21M for Roadside Services

Published On : Jan 28,2019

The multinational car manufacturers, BMW, Jaguar, Porsche and Land Rover has recently invested in the startup company called Urgent.ly. It’s a roadside assistance company which connects car owners, who urgently requires assistance in order to li

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Huawei to launch Next Generation Phone By utilizing own Technology

Published On : Jan 25,2019

The Chinese multinational conglomerate, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. plans to introduce a next generation mobile phone by using their own technology instead of using U.S. components. The company is taking a step ahead to mark intense competition

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Boeing Tests Flying Cars to Usher in Futuristic Transport

Published On : Jan 24,2019

Flying cars are projected to be the future of modern, urban transportation. Hence, most transportation companies these days are trying to hone technologies to shape it into a reality soon.

Recently Boeing Co., for example, tried out a new

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Google Shells Out Hefty Amounts in Government Lobbying

Published On : Jan 23,2019

Google, whose parent company is Alphabet Inc., revealed the amount it spent on lobbying with the U.S. government in 2018. As per it, the amount was a staggering US$21.2 mn. It also revealed that the amount topped the earlier high of US$18.22 mn re

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WhatsApp Limits Text Forwards to Five to Check Spread of Rumors

Published On : Jan 23,2019

Spread of fake news has become the bane social media these days. This has forced governments across nations to implement strict rules to thwart those. This, in turn, has egged the social media giants to come up with stricter filters and new polici

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Scientists Devise New Technology to Study Genetically Modified Plants

Published On : Jan 22,2019

A team of researchers from Salk have achieved a feat of sorts. They have managed to successfully map the epigenomes and genomes of genetically modified plants with the maximum resolution possible. This enabled them to understand what exactly goes

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