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Amazon Pin Hopes on Technology to Move up in Value Chain

Published On : Dec 30,2019

Technology can be a big driver for consolidation. Stridently, the trend is becoming a promising trend for companies other than those majoring in technology. A company which is making technology as key accelerator of its growth is Amazon. In fact,

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Blood Plasma Linked-Biomarker Could Flag Timely Incidence of Dementia

Published On : Dec 24,2019

Low-cost screening methods for dementias have been an unmet need for researchers. The clinical syndrome characterizes progressive cognitive decline, placing a huge burden on patients, caregivers, and the society as a whole. Accelerating prevalence

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If You Know the Genes to Cure a Disease, We Show How to Deliver Them

Published On : Dec 21,2019

Nature can probably be an unlikely guide to scientists to test new approaches in gene therapy. Researchers have hit some success in finding effective gene combinations for diseases, notably cancer. World over, they have come out with good number o

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Unhealthy Diet Habits Huge Economic Burden

Published On : Dec 20,2019

The role of healthy diet in the economic development of a country has been undergone much analysis. Nevertheless, the huge costs that an economy has incurred due to unhealthy diet habits-suboptimal diets-in its population aren’t hidden. These di

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Using Natural Gas for Decarbonizing Economy Calls for New Approaches

Published On : Dec 18,2019

Ascertaining the role of natural gas in decarbonizing the economy is nothing short of a herculean task for researchers and policy makers. Factors are multidimensional and widely varied. Hence its needs multiple approaches to assess its role in tra

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Teaching Robots to Advance Material Innovation could be Game-Changing

Published On : Dec 17,2019

Closed loop systems combining automation with AI algorithms have been game changing for numerous industries. You name it and the potential applications are seemingly limitless: DNA synthesis, genome sequencing, and drug development being at the fo

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Common Antibiotic could boost Immune System for Cancer, says research

Published On : Dec 13,2019

For cancer patients undergoing radiation therapy, the common antibiotic vancomycin can boost immune system and enhance the antitumor effect of the treatment, according to findings of trials in mice. Meanwhile, the antibiotic works by altering gram

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Nanodiamond could Power Devices for Next-gen Energy Storage, says study

Published On : Dec 05,2019

As the use of battery-operated devices and appliances continues to rise, the need for safe, high-performing power sources becomes essential. To serve this, a new power-storage device called supercapacitor is now considered feasible. And sometimes

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Sculpting Ni and Ti using Additive Technology - creating New Frontiers in Cooling Technology

Published On : Dec 02,2019

In a new development, scientists at the University of Maryland have developed a new elastocaloric cooling material. The material - an alloy of nickel and titanium is sculpted using additive technology. Furthermore, the material developed is highl

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Air Pollution associated with Higher Glaucoma Risk, says study

Published On : Nov 27,2019

According to a new study, residents of areas with higher pollution level are at a greater risk of glaucoma - a debilitating eye condition that can lead to blindness. Individuals living in neighborhoods with higher amount of particulate matter have

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New Approach accounts Climatic Changes for Output of Electricity Grids

Published On : Nov 26,2019

Mostly, for future energy generation planning pursuits, climate change and water resource conditions are overlooked. This is poised for change employing a new modeling approach.

Using this model, climate and future resource conditions are

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Researchers look into Herbal Plants for Treatment of Hypertension

Published On : Oct 04,2019

Herbal medicines have always been very useful and used massively since old ages. The use of herbal medicines continues till date in large numbers in some parts of the world. In primitive times, whilst huge emphasis was on herbal medication, with t

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A New Concept that Could Double Energy Density is Gaining Popularity

Published On : Oct 03,2019

Technological advancements that are taking place are highly effective and beneficial, as they are helping in improving and enhancing the efficiency of various products. Moreover, these advanced technologies has also benefited in making the best us

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Increasing Efforts by Researchers to Understand Impact of Nuts on Humans

Published On : Sep 27,2019

Prioritizing on health and on eating habits has always been very essential. Nowadays, people are more conscious about their health and the food they eat. Moreover, increasing trend of gyming and exercising has increased the consciousness among peo

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Ambient Air Pollution Triggering Mental Health Issues among Children

Published On : Sep 26,2019

Globally, air quality is deteriorating significantly due to increasing pollutants that are released from industries, vehicles, and other electronic products. In few regions, air is extremely polluted and harmful, and is responsible for creating va

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New Studies Capable of Increasing Power Production through Wind Turbine by Understanding Impact of Ice

Published On : Sep 25,2019

Increasing focus on renewable sources of energy increased massively in the last few decades. Governments across various regions have been making significant efforts to increase the use of different types of renewable energy mainly to reduce the gl

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Learning from Previous Agriculture Revolution Opened New Ways to Meet Growing Demand for Food

Published On : Sep 23,2019

Today, global population has reached to 7.7 billion people, which is significantly higher than that few decades back. This rise in population has increased pressure on agriculture field at a massive rate. Feeding a huge population is challenging a

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Experimental Device Implant Capable of Restoring Visual Sense in Blind

Published On : Sep 20,2019

Research and development activities play a crucial role in the healthcare sector. It helps in discovering new ways and methods to treat diseases and assists in development of better therapeutics.  One of the most recent and significant developmen

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Use of Advanced Technology in Healthcare Raising Cyber security Concerns

Published On : Sep 19,2019

Data breach and cyber-attacks are some frequent words of any business conversation. However, the objective of using these words not just defines the knowledge but also major ideas on how to come up with solutions. Last years, the very first inci

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Bullies do not have Escape with New Algorithms

Published On : Sep 18,2019

Nowadays, online platforms and numerous social media sites are now playing an integral part in our lives. On these platforms, users come across both positive and negative comments. Recently cyberbullying increased significantly, where teens are bu

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Altering Ill-Effects of Growing Emission of Carbon Dioxide

Published On : Sep 17,2019

Increasing emission of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases harmed the environment immensely in the last two to three decades. A significant contributor in the increasing greenhouse gas emission is rising industrialization that started in yea

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Scientists Detect a Faster, Cheaper and Viable Solution for Dengue

Published On : Sep 11,2019

The rainy season might be the best season to enjoy green weather and hot snacks. But at the same time, it brings lots of unwanted infections and diseases. Dengue is one such disease that spreads due to mosquito biting and is more prevalent in trop

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Hospital-acquired Infections Decline Drastically in Canada, Thanks to Awareness Programs

Published On : Sep 10,2019

Continued efforts taken by regulatory authorities to spread awareness in Canada finally paved off. As per a survey done by the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ), there have been 30 percent reduction in infections acquired by p

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Gold Based Chemotherapy may Offer Better Treatment to Patients

Published On : Sep 09,2019

Cancer has become a leading cause of death these days. Despite the exponential rise in the number of cancer cases, there is currently no effective solution for the treatment of the same. Most of the cancer treatment drugs available are ill famous

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Novel Development to Reduce Drug Resistance Properties of Cancer Cells

Published On : Sep 06,2019

The number of cancer cases are increasing at a rapid pace. As per WHO, there have been 18.1 million new cases of cancer while 9.6 million deaths due to cancer registered in 2018. These data are alarming and therefore researchers are increasingly f

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