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  • Synthetic Protein that Encapsulates its Own Genetic Material Developed

    Published On : Dec 15,2017

    According to a new report published in the scientific journal, Nature, scientists from the University of Washington (UW) Institute for Protein Design have succeeded in synthetically producing the first ever synthetic protein that have their own ge

  • WTO Talks Reached Nowhere as U.S. and India Disagree on Prime Issues

    Published On : Dec 15,2017

    Members of the World Trade Organization (WTO) failed to make any progress after having a discussion for four days as India and the U.S. are not will to move from their widely contradicting stand on almost all the issues. This has raised a new air

  • Decisions Pending on Net Neutrality

    Published On : Dec 14,2017

    Like all magnificent American laws, this one was made pretty much a century back by a gathering of men who did not understand what they were doing. That isn't a criticism. Who could have expected, as they put pen to paper in 1934, that one day

  • TencentMusic Outgrows Apple and Spotify in China

    Published On : Dec 14,2017

    One of China’s most sought after early public offerings in the coming year may turn out to be music for the ears of investors of Tencent Holdings Ltd. due to its capacity to clear out any noise that can be made by Apple Music and Spotify in the

  • Japan Court Upends Ruling to Resume Nuclear Plant Shut Post Fukushima

    Published On : Dec 13,2017

    A court in Japan has upended a ruling that permitted a nuclear reactor in the country to begin operations, vexing the government’s plans to begin operations across several nuclear plants that were shut during the Fukushima disaster of 2011. The

  • Future of Net Neutrality looks Thriving in U.S.

    Published On : Dec 12,2017

    In the last quarter, a tantalizing offer was made to Swedish people, according to which, if they subscribed to Telia, the biggest telecom provider of Sweden, they could gain an unlimited access to Instagram, Facebook, Spotify, and several other po

  • Indian Startup Ecosystem Better than China and Israel, Says Michael Marks

    Published On : Dec 11,2017

    In 2017, almost 19,000 mainstream tech startup in India raised nearly US$31,299 mn investments, of which, the most notable came in the Q2 onwards. Taking this in consideration, Michael Mars, the co-founder and the MD of Innovative Partners, stated

  • Soon 12,000 Jobs to be eliminated by General Electric

    Published On : Dec 08,2017

    General Electric is to cut 12,000 occupations in its energy business, 18% of the division's worldwide workforce. The US mechanical gathering expects the "agonizing yet fundamental" occupation misfortunes to help spare $1bn one year from now as

  • Study Finds Weak Genetic Association with Sexual Orientation

    Published On : Dec 08,2017

    A new study published Thursday in peer-reviewed journal, Scientific Reports has discovered a frail association between sexual orientation and several genes. However, scientists have been cautioning people against overinterpreting the results and t

  • Birth Control Pills Augments the Risk of Breast Cancer

    Published On : Dec 07,2017

    In a recent research that studied around 1.8 million Danish women for more than a decade concluded that modern birth control pills substantially increase the risk of breast cancer. Women believe that the contraceptives that are available today are

  • Flinto Generates US$7 mn in Latest Fund-raising Round

    Published On : Dec 06,2017

    Flinto Learning Solutions, an India-based company, which - under the brand name Flintobox - provides activity-based learning kits for kids, has raised US$7 mn from an early-stage venture capital enterprise, named Lightbox. This fund-raising round

  • Deeper Understanding of Old Antibiotic to Help Develop New Antibiotics

    Published On : Dec 06,2017

    A new study revolving an old antibiotic could help develop new and more effective antibiotics that could cure life-threatening conditions like tuberculosis and other conditions that are being caused due to drug-resistant bacteria. As antimicrobial

  • Facebook Now for Young Minds too

    Published On : Dec 05,2017

    Entirely, just those matured 13 and over are permitted to utilize Facebook. In any case, the avoidance techniques are insignificant, which means more than 20 million under-13-year-olds are believed to utilize the system. So on Monday, Facebook pro

  • Amazon Ventures into Virtual and Augmented Reality Apps

    Published On : Dec 01,2017

    Amazon has recently launched a new web-based service called Sumerian that will enable the users to create Virtual-Reality (VR) and Augmented-Reality (AR) experiences. Sumerian has been launched in response to the growing need for VR and AR experie

  • Google Launches ‘Datally’ App to Regulate Mobile Data Usage

    Published On : Dec 01,2017

    As people are becoming increasingly reliant on the usage of the internet, the vitality of mobile data has hit soaring heights. More so, it has magnified the need for saving mobile data to reap the benefits of cost saving. Google has taken a pragma

  • FDA Approves first Medical Devices Accessory for Apple Watch

    Published On : Nov 30,2017

    The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has just cleared KardiaBand, a wearable personal electrocardiogram (EKG) recorder, for use as a medical device accessory with the Apple Watch. The first such product to be approved by the FDA, the band has b

  • Google’s New App for Cautious Data Users

    Published On : Nov 30,2017

    Smartphone, despite its increasing penetration, is still considered an expensive buy in developing countries and so is data. With an aim to reach out to such cautious spenders, Alphabet’s Google has unveiled an app for Android users. It is meant

  • Microbes Discovered in Atacama Desert Soil May Help Find cure for HIV

    Published On : Nov 29,2017

    Scientists from the Newcastle University in the UK have found several microorganisms in the Atacama Desert at Chile that could have the potential of treating HIV. The desert is known to be one of the earth’s driest and highest place. These excit

  • Robots to Usurp 800 Million Jobs by 2030

    Published On : Nov 29,2017

    Worried over the swift pace at which robotics is going mainstream in various end-use sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, retail, ecommerce, etc., many top honchos in the tech world have sounded the warning bell about massive job cuts.

  • Adoption of Simple Lifestyle Changes could Prevent 4 in 10 Cancer Cases, finds Study

    Published On : Nov 27,2017

    A new research study published in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians has found that close to one in two cancer deaths and more than a 40.0% of all cancers could be prevented with the incorporation of simple lifestyle changes in everyday routines.

  • Chromebooks to Now Use Microsoft Office Productivity Suite

    Published On : Nov 27,2017

    Microsoft Office for Chromebook may seem to be a huge announcement considering the size of the corporation. However, in this case, it may not. Apparently, Microsoft Office capabilities on Chromebooks announced their arrival in an undertone. As kno

  • Living Bacterium Used as Canvas to Design World’s Smallest Tape Recorder

    Published On : Nov 24,2017

    The immune system of a bacterium has been hacked by researchers to employ it as a parallel of a molecular tape recorder. The technology has been anticipated to make way for living monitoring devices that could be used to analyze pollutants in ecos

  • Link with U.K Revealed of Fancy Bear Russian Hackers

    Published On : Nov 24,2017

    Exactly when the most celebrated developers of Russia acquired servers from a United Kingdo selected association, they got out a trove of snippets of data behind. The software engineers used the PCs to ambush the parliament of Germany, enlist acti

  • Slow-killing Parasites Show True Colors in Vietnam Veterans after Decades, finds VA Study

    Published On : Nov 23,2017

    Hundreds of Vietnam veterans have been tested positive for the presence of a slow-killing parasite in their bodies, which may have infected them during the fight in the jungles of Southeast Asia. This spring, the Department of Veterans Affairs had

  • Light Pollution Killing Night in Several Nations

    Published On : Nov 23,2017

    An investigation of pictures of Earth by night has uncovered that fake light is becoming brighter and broader consistently. In the vicinity of 2012 and 2016, the planets’ misleadingly lit open air territory developed by over 2% every year. Resea