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Zero Support to GM Labelling: US Food Industry

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Published on : Dec 08, 2015

The U.S. enterprises, operating in the food business, are pushing aggressively to thwart the compulsory labeling of genetically modified (GM) foods by the end of the year.

The U.S. food industry is pitching for this labeling to be voluntary, hoping to get a provision in a huge spending bill on which the Democrats and Republicans would be taking a call this week. If they pass the law without mandating the labelling, then companies would not be forced to divulge if their products contain GM organisms.

The U.S. FDA has earlier stated that GM organisms are safe for consumption, and the government will not support mandatory labelling.

The House also passed a similar law earlier in 2015, but the Senate is yet to act on it. The key enterprises and farm groups in the U.S. food industry have asked the Congress to step in soon, otherwise Vermont will have the law enforced and will mandate GMO labels, closing the door for other states.

The largest food enterprises in the U.S. are saying that GM foods are safe for consumption and that labels may mislead customers, while the labeling supporters counter this theory by saying that customers have a right to know what all is there in their foods and the Congress should not be trying to prevent the states from enforcing the Law.

GM seeds are prepared in laboratories to possess specific traits such as resistance to herbicides. As of now, corn and soybean are major crops, which are genetically modified at a large scale and much of that is to be used as animal feed.