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Zbiotics Launces Possibly the World’s First Bioengineered Hangover Cure

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Published on : Jul 26, 2018

Zbiotics, which is a startup backed by Y Combinator, has spent two years developing the so called world’s first ‘genetically engineered probiotic’. The startup’s initial product might not be exactly world-changing, but it could have a highly useful purpose – to cure hangovers.

More Insights Into the Bioengineered Probiotic Cure by Zbiotics

Having invented an elixir of ‘the next day’ life’, the product needs to be consumed by a user before starting drinking alcohol, if at all he/she wants to avoid the next morning’s hangovers. To make the product, Zbiotics bioengineered probiotic bacteria to produce increased quantities of a specific enzyme that the body naturally uses to break down a toxic chemical byproduct of alcohol. In normal circumstances, such toxic chemical byproducts mainly are responsible for all those miserable mornings caused the next day.

Probiotics are not new, rather they have been a part of human diet for thousands of years. However, this is probably for the first time that gene editing techniques are used to enhance the functions of a probiotic being ingested by a person. The company has still not conducted the placebo controlled, peer-reviewed clinical trials that will ultimately be necessary to back up claims that they have been successful in making a biotech enhanced hangover cure.

Co-founders of Zbiotics, Zack Abbott and Stephen Lamb do suggest that they know it is going to be a challenge to stand out of from other companies who are into probiotics. They have tested the probiotic products on themselves, and have proclaimed to witness promising results regarding the trails. According to both co-founders, the product could be made widely affordable, thus aiming to instill a sense of responsible drinking all over the world. The probiotic product has been safely tested, the cofounders want to make sure that it is absolutely market ready before being launched.