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Yerevan and Aragastsotn to Enjoy the Mobile Telecommunication Network Coverage from Beeline

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Published on : Aug 26, 2015

Beeline, recently presented their expansion plans with respect to GSM technology and 3G coverage. Beeline is expected to spread its telecommunication network coverage in the capital city of Aemenia. According to the press office reporters, Beeline is also planning to extend their telecommunication network coverage in Aragatsotn area.   

Lately, in Yerevan, many second-generation and third-generation telecommunication and wireless stations were developed in different areas of the city. Second and third-generation mobile telecommunication centers were also developed in many other provinces in Aragatsotn such as Hamberd, Kuchak, and Voskevaz. The number of subscribers of Beeline mobile telecommunication exceeded 815,000 in Armenia, in the second quarter of 2015. Compared to the number of subscribers in the first quarter, 20,000 more subscribers were recorded in the second quarter. 

Beeline, located in Western Asia, has contributed a lot in the growth of the telecommunication and wireless sector over the past few years. According to the reports, every day, hundreds of people subscribe to Beeline mobile telecommunication network. Andry Pyatakhin, CEO of Beeline in Armenia, said that the growth of Beeline mobile telecommunication has been remarkable. Improvements in quality, simplicity in use and convenience, has made it possible for the company to attract hundreds of new customers every year.

Earlier, Beeline used a different technology to expand its 3G network. Basic stations were installed in regions like Kotayk, Ararat, Syunik, Shirak, and Gegharkunik to expand the 3G network. Considering the future growth opportunities, the company later implemented new technology and introduced variety in their services. ArmenTel CJSC, is a subordinate of Russian VimpelCom, trading as Beeline. ArmenTel is well-known for its fixed line and mobile telecommunication services. Currently, ArmenTel is linked with around 650,000 fixed line and 780,000 mobile telecommunication subscribers. With high speed internet access, the company is aiming to further contribute in the telecommunication and wireless industry in many provinces across the globe.