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Yabao Pharma Collaborates with Eli Lilly for Second Time

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Published on : Oct 21, 2015

One of the China’s leading pharmaceutical companies, Yabao Pharmaceuticals, has recently announced that it is entering into a strategic partnership for the second time with Eli Lilly for the treatment of diabetes. The firms stated that their main focus would be to develop sodium-glucose linked transporter inhibitor molecule.

Eli Lilly is the main developer of this drug, which has completed the study of Phase I in Singapore and has gone through extensive pre-clinical trials. Prior to this, both the firm has collaborated in July 2014 for the development of glucokinase activator of Eli.

The Chinese market for diabetic drugs and treatment is an opportunity-rich marketplace owing to the large population base coupled with unmet need. The intestinal SGLT1 inhibition has emerged as a promising therapeutic approach owing to its efficiency in both the early-stage and advance-stage diabetes.

According to the terms of this collaboration, the Chinese pharma will receive the rights of developing and commercializing the SGLT1 compound in China, whereas Eli Lilly will be the sole developer and marketer in all other regions. Both the parties here have collaborated to create a strategic development plan for SGLT1 compound in China, wherein Yabao will be in authority to carry out as well as fund all the development initially. However, Eli Lilly will continue to keep the future buy-in options for the country. Financial terms have not been divulged by both the firms till now.

Dr. Peng Wang, the president at Yabao Pharmaceuticals has stated that Yabao is glad to collaborate with Eli Lilly again. Lilly is one of the global leaders in the diabetes market