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Xiaomi’s Mi Drone Gives Competitors Run for their Money

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Published on : May 26, 2016

Almost everyone in the business is wondering the same thing: How does Xiaomi manage to do it each time? Offering a host of features that are at par with industry giants and yet charging just a fraction of the price.

The US market is one of the largest consumer markets when it comes to technology. However, products of the Chinese manufacturer are not distributed in the country. 

Mi Drone Matches Features of Biggest Rival DJI Phantom 4

Most of Xiaomi’s products have been a rage and the new Mi Drone is likely to be no different. The prosumer drone is light weight and virtually offers all of the major features that the DJI Phantom 4 offers. DJI Phantom is Xiaomi’s biggest competitor in this market. The Mi Drone allows you to fly for nearly 30 minutes; with just one tap on the screen you can send it to any location in a distance; you can circle objects, plan routes, shoot videos up to 4K, fly up to 1.25 miles away, and then return home with just the slide of a button. And when the power is low, it returns home automatically. The list of product features goes on. If the Mi Drone reaches the US, the enthusiast drone market in the country will be truly transformed.

Astounding Difference in Price a Key Popularity Booster 

Perhaps the only flaw that the Mi Drone possesses as against the DJI Phantom 4 is its capabilities of detecting obstacles. However, given the massive difference in price, this can perhaps be overlooked. At US$ 1,399, the Phantom 4 seems exorbitant in front of Mi Drone 4K model’s US$ 475 price. And for a remarkable US$ 380, the Mi can be made available with a 1080p camera. Both the models are equipped with a remote control. Aside from the obstacle detection feature, there is actually barely any difference between what Xiaomi and DJI are offering. 

The Chinese manufacturer continues to tease the US market with its offerings.