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Published on : Jul 23, 2014

Targeting the market of larger mobile phones, Xiaomi Corp. is all set to launch a 5-inch screen smartphone next week. The smartphone maker that beats Apple Inc. in China in terms of sales is broadening its line-up of electronic devices in order to challenge Samsung and Apple who dominate the market in developed countries such as the U.S. Apple is also said to be launching its latest version of the iPhone with a larger screen.

Xiaomi’s Mi4 is priced at USD 322, with 16 GB memory, a stainless steel frame and full HD screen. The phone will be sold through China Unicorn (762) (Hong Kong) Ltd starting from July 29, through China Telecom Corp next month, and via China Mobile Ltd in September. The China mobile phone maker also revealed its first tablet ‘Mi Pad’ in May this year, and is in the process of expanding operations in emerging markets such as Brazil, Russia and India.

In the first half of 2014, the USD 10 billion company surpassed its total smartphone sales of 2013. Till June this year, Xiaomi sold 26 million devices, which is nearly four times the 7.03 million units it sold in the first half last year. In April, the Beijing-based company set a sales target of 100 million devices next year. On the basis of figures by a market research firm, Xiaomi was among the top three smartphone sellers in China in the first quarter of this year.