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Xi Pushes Rapid Construction of the Economic Corridor of China, Mongolia, and Russia

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Published on : Jul 10, 2015

Xi Jinping, the Chinese President approached China, Mongolia, and Russia on Thursday, to push forward the development of an economic corridor connecting the three nations. Xi encouraged pertinent government offices in the three nations to venture up the docking of advancement procedures of every nation and change the vision into solid agreeable tasks. 

Russia and China have consented to adjust the development of the Economic Belt of Silk Road together with the Eurasia Economic Union (EEU), as stated by him, calling for joined endeavors in the development of the EEU and trilateral monetary corridor. Reviewing the initial meeting held in September 2014, Xi said that starting trilateral collaboration procedure is a noteworthy choice made by the three nations, concentrating on general improvement and closer provincial participation. 

Politically, the three sides ought to bond shared trust and fashion a group of basic predetermination, Xi stated, including that monetarily, the three nations need to coordinate their development methodologies and advance provincial financial collaboration. 

The Russian president stated that he was glad to see the consensus reached this point on further growing and developing cooperation, which serves the basic interests of the three nations. Elbegdorj stated that the population of the three nations will profit by the trilateral cooperation for railway transportation, starting of agrarian and mineral trade, logistics, base development, and different other areas. 

The Mongolian side was anticipating closer cooperation among the three countries. In the meeting, the three heads of state affirmed the agenda for the improvement of trilateral cooperation and were present while the memorandum was being signed for developing the guidelines for the trilateral monetary corridor, a structure concession to encourage trilateral trade and a framework concurrence on cooperation on ports for entrance among the three nations.