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Xeroxs Decision to Buy RSA Medical Prompts Companys Other Possible Acquisitions in Healthcare Sector

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Published on : Aug 26, 2015

Xerox’s recent announcement regarding its acquisition of the company RSA medical, which is involved in the field of risk management services for the life insurance and healthcare industry demonstrates how the copier maker company is continuously making advances in the health care industry and can also mean that it will undertake more such deals.


With Obamacare impacting the entire healthcare sector of the U.S., leading to changing business structures, companies such as Xerox are trying to reshape internal processes in a bid to make health care more efficient and cheap. RSA, the company only recently bought by Xerox, is expected to bolster Xerox’s ability to provide health care services to payors. Health care looks like the current focus of Xerox’s M&A activities and is largely becoming a big part of the company’s business.


Xerox had announced on Monday that it was buying the company RSA Medical from the Chicago based private equity company Beecken Petty O'Keefe & Co. Beecken Petty O'Keefe had bought RSA in the year 2010. The terms of the buyout deal were, however, not disclosed. The deal is expected to close in the third quarter of this year.


Prior to its acquisition of the Naperville-based company RSA, Xerox had announced in May that it was  planning to acquire the company Healthy Communities Institute, a company boasting a cloud platform for providing information related to community health and socioeconomic statuses to community coalitions, public health agencies, and hospitals.


With the acquisition of RSA, Xerox will make new enrollees of health plans understand the health plans more clearly, making them understand the services that are available to them and the close gaps in health care policies whenever necessary, stated Kelly Rakowski, the senior vice president of Healthcare Payer Services at Xerox.