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World Roadways Safety Minimizes Death Toll under Strong, Sustainable Action

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Published on : Dec 12, 2018

The latest report of World Health Organization revealed the death of more than 1.3 million people annually on roadways. It also showed millions of disabilities or injuries each year owing to accidents on roads. It is claimed that in the last decade, the death toll has not changed much. 

A recent commentary declares that the authority for roadside safety failed to bring the necessary changes as promised. Now, the time has arrived for holding such serious policymakers for roadways safeness. 

Actions need to be undertaken are summed up below: 

Firstly, the commitment should come from the government for lowering traffic deaths by allocating funds for building safer roadways. Secondly, WHO and the partners should support not only the transportation officials or health but also the environment, economic sectors, education, and justice for the betterment of road safety. All of these actions will help to make a unique multi-sectoral approach towards road safety. 

Thirdly, WHO needs to supply implementation guidance, operational assistance to the member countries so that the cities can perform successful interventions on this particular field.  Fourthly, this serious issue of road safety deserves an attention in the area of developing non-governmental sector. WHO and the Partners can easily help in achieving this. However, in the matter of road safety, non-governmental organizations expansion will aid huge promote in political and social changes. Lastly, the adoption of a policy of non-engagement with industries like alcohol to avoid conflict would be a great help towards road safety.