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World Health Organization Validates China Flu Vaccine, Applauds Growing Industry

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Published on : Jun 12, 2015

A recently developed influenza vaccine by China has been certified by the World Health Organization (WHO) as safe and effective, the second only Chinese vaccine that has received the status that reflects the growing pharmaceutical sector in the country.

The WHO made a statement that, a vaccine developed by Hualan Biological Bacterin Corp, which is a subsidiary of the parent company Hualan Biological Engineering Inc. received ‘prequalified’ status. The approval happened after a series of rigorous lab tests and site inspections. 

Another vaccine developed in China that received ‘prequalification’ status from WHO, was developed against Japanese encephalitis in 2013, as commented by WHO.

To achieve ‘prequalification’ status from WHO for the Hualan vaccine is one more feather in the cap of the mushrooming vaccine manufacturing industry in China, as commented by WHO representative in China.

The development is another landmark event, which highlights the fact that China is all set to be regarded as one of the preeminent manufacturer for vaccines globally, he further added.

At the start of 2015, Chinese drug makers witnessed surging sales growth and margins expanding, which is a signal that the second largest pharmaceuticals market in the world may be rebounding post crackdown that was carried for high prices and corruption in the country.

China is increasingly demonstrating its scientific strength in areas of drug development. This is strengthened by the fact that a new polio vaccine was approved in January, only a month later after receiving approval from local authorities for a home developed Ebola vaccine.