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Wind Energy is Cheapest: EU Analysis

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Published on : Oct 15, 2014

Onshore wind has been proven to be cheaper than gas, coal or even nuclear energy once the additional factors are taken into account. These factors include air quality, climate change, and human toxicity, as described by an analysis performed in the E.U.

The report deduced that each megawatt hour (MW/h) of electricity that is produced will cost about €105. The same will cost €164 and €233 per MW/h using gas and coal respectively.

The sources relatively inexpensive than coal and gas are nuclear power, solar energy and offshore wind, all of which cost about €125 per MS/h

Justin Wilkes, the deputy CEO of EWEA, said the highlight of the report reveals the real price of Europe’s dependence on fossil fuels. He also said renewable sources of energy are often accused of being expensive and put a drain on the taxpayer. The new commission’s report shows not only the alarming price of coal but also shows that onshore wind is cheaper and more environment-friendly.

The report was written for the European commission by the Ecofys consultancy. It also mentions how the Conservative party agenda of putting restrictions on the onshore wind farms will actually mean blocking off the cheapest energy source when factors such as environmental and health consequences are taken into consideration.

Oliver Joy, a spokesperson for EWEA, said all efforts to change policy that governs the Tory’s actions performed through capping the output on wind turbines, stricter planning and lowering subsidiaries.

Gunther Oettinger, the EU’s Energy Commissioner, stated the report to be the first step to gaining more knowledge about the nature of energy subsidiaries. He also mentioned that more reports of a similar nature are likely to be written in the coming months.

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